May 22, 2005

2 of 12

Ahhh day 2 of 12 has come to the end. Accomplished. That’s how today feels. The $75 minivan is packed, ready to hit the road. The errands have been run, the groceries have been bought. All that is left is to pack my own personal suitcase and toiletries.

Today we picked-up the art work we will deliver to texas for members of our camp. Two pieces of treasured art challenged our packing abilities. One, a manequin head, covered in nails, each nail sticking out about 2 inches off the surface. So pokey. Two, the body of an effigy, 4 feet long by 30 inches wide, a cylinder, made of tissue paper and fine bent bamboo. So fragile.

The effigy received the back seat, all to itself, laid out on its side. The head we placed in a styrofoam cooler, dampening the dangerous sharpness.

Tomorrow brings visits with guiders, healers and family.

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