May 13, 2005

Happy Blogging

I realized yesterday that I have an assumption that I should only blog about happy things. Yet, lately I haven’t been feeling like there are many happy things in my daily life. At the end of most weekdays I’ve been feeling beaten down after drowning all day. Thus, I haven’t been blogging.

The small happy things that I have been experiencing haven’t really been blog worthy. Really, who wants to read about how I have the most wonderful boyfriend or the cutest cat?

Ofcourse this could be my new head cold talking. Ugh. Hopefully this new head cold doesn’t turn into a new green goo head pet. Having a head cold makes everything seem as blah and nasty as I feel.

At least it’s Friday.

May 12, 2005

Today and Tomorrow

Today I haven’t been a nice person. Today I didn’t listen as well as I could of. Today I focused on my agenda items without considering the bigger picture. Today I was quick to criticize. Today I sounded and acted crabby. Today I used way too many bad sayings like “Kill two birds with one stone” and “Too many pots on the stove”. Today I let my perfectionism take over. Today I didn’t say thank you enough.

Tomorrow I will apologize for being so critical, for judging too harshly. Tomorrow I will complement and appreciate. Tomorrow I will listen.

May 4, 2005

So you

In less than a year I’ll be 30. Within my circle of friends, rounding the 30 year mark means it is time to invest in property. They aren’t getting married or having kids, they are becoming responsible home owners.

Saturday afternoon my girlfriend, Jen B, and I found ourselves at a local Home Depot. She, having just purchased a condo, wanted to browse their kitchen cabinet displays and look at flooring options.

I, not having a home of my own, have still become somewhat of a home interiors geek. Plus, I had reached a point in my current wood shop project where owning a hand power sander was looking crucial.

As we entered the store, she remarked, “So this is the adult toy store, with so many fun things to buy.” Her eyes sparkling with consumerism.

We passed by a display of power tools and paused to browse.

Jen B, holding up a palm sander: “Oh my god! This is so cute! You have to buy this one!”
Me, as I caress the gel padding and make pretend sanding motions: “I don’t know, it’s $40….”
Jen B: “But it’s sooooo you! You must own this! And look, just look at how cute it is!”

Her sales pitch worked on me, just like it would have in a clothing store or shoe store. It’s cute, it’s me, I totally need it. Is Black and Decker going to be the next Manolo Blahnik?

P.S. – I did buy the Black and Decker Mouse sander. It’s a perfect little power tool. Its first evening out of the box was a joy. I foresee many happy hours of sanding in my future.

P.P.S – The sander came with very nice a canvas carrying case. It looks amazingly like my purse, but half the size. Embroidered on one side is “Black and Decker”. My roomies modeled it for me this weekend. It may be the perfect man purse yet!

May 3, 2005

Replacing Marijka

I’m moving out. I knew shortly after moving this past August that it would be a one year deal. The move is not only prompted by my crazy land lady but by the circumstances of life, love and career. Which really means that I have no idea what I’m doing but at least I’ve made one decision, the decision to not live here any longer.

I’m not expecting to move until July or August but I’ve started planning. Planning for moving has helped me focus my anxiety on something. I might not know where I’m going to move or exactly when, but at least I know it can and will be an organized move.

My two roommates decided to stay it out for another year. The house is beautiful and the rent, if a little high, isn’t outrageous. They also seem to be able to better role with the punches handed out by the land lady. The search for a new Marijka began a couple weeks ago.

The ad reads: “We are looking for a professional or grad student to replace relocating female professional.” Before the first bite they outlined criteria for this new roommate, including female, unique first name and “super hot” female friends. They’ve had some success with the gender but not with the name and I have no idea about the hotness factor.

This past Saturday the first contender came for a viewing. I had planned to be out for the entire day, but ended-up popping by to pick-up gear. I caught the tale end of her interview. I sat downstairs for a few minutes while they chatted upstairs.

My roommates were sharing stories of life in the house thus far. It was strange to listen in on a conversation about me, specifically about my banana habit and how it is not to be messed with. These are the kind of conversations that will happen after I leave. They were told with humor and kindness, in a way anyone would like to be discussed.

After a few minutes I ventured upstairs to introduce myself to my potential replacement. I had to damp down those instinctive feelings of competition, after all it was my decision not to stay. Still, here was a new girl on my turf, trying to take over my roommates, checking out my bedroom.

She seemed OK but she was no me. I’m sure they will find someone who will be great, maybe even better than me. Maybe someone who will be more willing to share her bananas. I want that for them but there is still this eeking feeling of sadness, of endings soon to come.

In the Brief

News from my home:

My roomie finally caved in and started a blog of his very own, Nocturnal E-missions. Go give him some love.

Yesterday my very own Zoe cat turned 7. Since she was a pound kitty, discovered on a rural Wisconsin road, her birthday is only a guess, and un-coincidentally, St. Zoe’s Day.

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