July 15, 2005

Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat

A couple years ago I hired a new employee, Jeff. One day he showed up with the most awesome, hand knit, pirate hat. I desperately wanted it. He and his girlfriend both knit and she had made the hat for him. I tried to convince him at the time that he should make me one. Then I tried convincing my friends and my mom to knit me one. Sigh. No hat presented itself. That is until today!

Much to my surprise, as a final parting gift he knit me my very own pirate hat. Argggggggg!

Now I really can’t wait for winter.

July 5, 2005

Last day

Here I am at the end of the last day of my job. A job I’ve had for eight years. A job I’ve loved and hated, so much like a roller-coaster love affair. And now it’s over. I’m walking away. It seems like the kind of thing one should blog about, that one should write about. So here I am, but what do I have to say?

All I’m feeling is relief. All those lists of things to do, those worries I’d take home at night, those feelings of frustration, anger, triumph, accomplishment, they are no longer weighing on me. I feel light. I feel so sure that this is right, so confident that there is no other way. There’s no more wonder, no more worry. No more worry about things just outside of my control.

Now there’s just the real life worry of things way out of my control. It feels great!

Tonight I will celebrate with mexican food and margaritas. Tomorrow I’m treating myself to a massage and dinner and a movie with friends. Thursday I begin meeting with the future.

July 1, 2005

12,000 Librarians

Arts and Craft Chair

In a room with 12,000 librarians all I can think about is furniture.

On Sunday SB convinced me I should join him at the American Library Association (ALA) convention in Chicago. It didn’t take much. He just had to mention free library stuff. My fascination with all things library started as a kid, when I would set-up my own library in my room and demand that my stuffed animals check out books. Now I have my very own librarian.

Secretly I was hoping the free stuff would mean free little “build your own home library” kits, with those little paper check-out slips and rubber stamps. Instead free stuff meant books, tote bags and posters.

We walked into the Harper Collins booth and I was handed a free copy of “Essential Manners for Couples” and told that Peter Post was available to sign it. As SB and I huddled over the book, commenting on how this could be useful for us, the bookstand people began teasing us about how it was a picture perfect couples moment. Sometimes it is fun to be one half of a cute couple.

There was quite a bit of furniture on display in the exhibit hall for librarians who may be purchasing new items for their libraries. I hadn’t expected to see so much lovely wood furniture, though I was quickly concerned by the overwhelming arts and crafts stylings. Every furniture stand seemed to feature the same Frank Lloyd Wright-esque designs.

Why? I finally broke-down and asked the guy at the Thos Moser booth. His theory on the abundance of arts and crafts in library furniture was that most librarians believe, falsely, that the straight forward designs of that era are more sturdy and will last longer under the heavy library use. He was emphatic that this wasn’t the case at all. Now that so many buyers believed it, the style had come to symbolize the traditional library style.

I’m not complaining, because there is a rhythm and cleanness to the style that is appealing, but the sameness of library furniture was a little disturbing.

After his explanation we went on to have a lively conversation comparing the classic Eames Lounge chair to a lounge chair in their collection. He was bemoaning the fact that his wife had told him that he could not have anymore chairs in their house unless he got rid of some…. That sounds familiar.

Eames Chair

Eames Lounge Chair
Lolling Chair

Thos Mor Lolling Lounge

On the ride home I read sections of our new manners book. “When your SO really wants to do something, step up to the plate and do it. After all, you’re together because you have similar interests. So, go for your SO’s suggestion with an open mind and a willingness to enjoy. You’ll both have a better time for it.”

Such was my day in the world of librarians.

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