October 27, 2005


Comments on my blog are like a scratch behind Zoe’s ear, they make me feel all noticed and loved. However, I’m never sure if I should respond to comments in the comments section or not. On other blogs I have a hard time keeping up with comments. I tend to post a comment and never look back, because I assume that a future post will contain my answer.

In this new post, I’m going to respond to some of the more recent comments.

Exile – Thank you for all the kind words. Last night a Wisconsin friend asked us if we were missing W yet? My response: When haven’t we missed it? Yet, I don’t feel sad about leaving. I don’t regret our move. We are having so much fun on our big Atlanta adventure. I’m sad and happy at the same time and feeling oddly comfortable with it. It is all very Bossa nova.

“That feeling, a nostalgic longing known as saudade, is a hallmark of Brazilian music and psyches. In a land where emotions are no cause for panic, a bittersweet mood is something to linger in, not flee. Embracing life’s journey while acknowledging loss, saudade draws from a deeper well than a merely happy or sad song, and it infuses bossa and samba with their evocative, hopeful vibe.”

Heat – Tuesday, after three calls to the gas company, four calls to my landlord and two calls to the heater repair guy, we now have heat. Yay! It turns out that the $50 hook-up fee for the gas company did not mean they actually came out to check on things. After much demanding I convinced them to come to the actual house. They found out that the gas wasn’t actually turned on. My next mission is to try to get back my $50. Hrmph. At least we have a brand new furnace that pumps out plenty of hot air.

Games – I gather all my game knowledge from The Yeti and Boardgame Geek. As for 2 player games, I gave my sister Lost Cities. She says it was a big hit with her and her then boyfriend. For a going away gift, SB received San Juan as a two player game. We’ve found it does much better with 3.

Carcasonne, while it can be played with 2, is a much better game with 3 or more players. The must have, everybody loves it game is still Bohnanza. It has eclipsed the previous winner, Fluxx. Rosie, I’m envious of your at work game group. How fun! If you have game recommendations, please let me know.

Finally, Lnet, you are always welcome to come visit us. Come slack with us in February.

Whew! I feel more caught-up now.

October 25, 2005

Let’s keep her

Robin and Marijka

We laughed and laughed and laughed. We ate and ate and ate. We drank trendy drinks in trendy plastic glasses. We played and played and played.

I knew her visit would be too short. Maybe it was a covert attempt to make her stay longer. When we dropped her off at the airport yesterday, she only had 45 minutes to catch her plane. Minutes after saying our goodbyes the phone rang, “I’ve missed my flight, come pick me up.” Yay! One more night of game playing, food eating and wine drinking.

This morning she took off for real, leaving behind the cool air and many smiles.

Bringing the cold

Miss Robin came to visit from Madison. She brought with her the first truly cold weather we’ve had in Georgia.

When it dipped below sixty degrees inside our apartment on Sunday we tried to turn on the furnace, a brand-new, never been used, furnace. Nope, nothing, just cold air blowing down on us. Today, Tuesday, we are still without heat. Lucky for me, in the face of much teasing, I brought a long two rolling, oil filled space heaters, built to warm cold Wisconsin rooms. Now I’m holed up in my office, door closed, down slippers and wool sweater on, warming one room in our very chilly apartment. The heater repair man is supposed to arrive any minute now.


October 20, 2005

Book List

Having a book recommendations/read/need to read, list, a al Netflix, would be fantastic! That’s a great idea Rosie!

I did a little hunting but didn’t come up with the perfect solution. If anyone else has run across or is using a service like this I’d love to hear about it.

Here’s what I found:

  • Amazon.com Listmania Amazon has two features that come close. They have a recommendations area where you can rate books and recommendations are made, but that’s mostly controlled by what you bought on Amazon. The other area is Listmania, which lets you create lists of books or products that you would recommend to others. However, these are all your top picks in a particular area and not a general list. The final problem with Amazon is that it is store specific and a big advertisement for them.
  • Stuff We Like This almost became the solution. However, it doesn’t allow you to rank the books. The idea is that you list your favorite books. It also doesn’t have an area for books you’d like to read in the future. However, there is potential there.
  • For WordPress Since I use WordPress I thought I’d see what plug-ins might be around in the vein. This allows you to list your current book and current CD in the sidebar, but it doesn’t look like it archives your reading path, nor does it look into the future.
  • What should I read next? This isn’t exactly a book rating system, however, it does do a nice job of looking into the future and recommending new books.

I’ll continue my search. If I ever find something perfect, I’m sure you’ll read about it here.

October 19, 2005

The Traveler

One of the first tasks we completed in our new town was to sign-up for library cards. It was an exciting moment for me. I grew-up with a great local library in Middleton, WI. In fact the library was just rated the fourth best in the country for the size of the community. See the HAPLR ratings.

My new library here in Georgia is a whole different library experience. I had a hard time finding the fiction section and once found I was confused by the lack of options. Ofcourse, Georgia libraries as a whole state is ranked 44th out of 51. I did succeed in finding a good book to read by browsing the “popular fiction” wall of hard covers. But oh my! are there some trashy modern novels being published these days. It seems like everyone is trying to rewrite Sex and the City.

The Traveler“The Traveler” by John Twelve Hawks. I couldn’t put it down. This is a book that will surely be a movie someday. Every page was action packed and had this nice balance of conspiracy theory and humanism. I loved it. That is until I reached the last 30 pages, when I realized nothing was going to be resolved. I skipped to the last page to read that it was the first book in a series.

Argh! I hate reading brand-new series. This book came out in 2005. It is going to be years before the series is complete and who knows how many books there will be. It is so frustrating! What am I to do now? If this fact won’t bother you, I highly recommend the book.

My days of wandering aimlessly into the library and picking up a terrific book are over. My new strategy is to order books through their system, but that means I need to know what book I want to read next. Today I will pick up “Sight Hound” by Pam Houston. And after that?

Please feel free to offer book suggestions. I only, only read fiction, but within that I’m pretty open.

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