October 20, 2005

Book List

Having a book recommendations/read/need to read, list, a al Netflix, would be fantastic! That’s a great idea Rosie!

I did a little hunting but didn’t come up with the perfect solution. If anyone else has run across or is using a service like this I’d love to hear about it.

Here’s what I found:

  • Amazon.com Listmania Amazon has two features that come close. They have a recommendations area where you can rate books and recommendations are made, but that’s mostly controlled by what you bought on Amazon. The other area is Listmania, which lets you create lists of books or products that you would recommend to others. However, these are all your top picks in a particular area and not a general list. The final problem with Amazon is that it is store specific and a big advertisement for them.
  • Stuff We Like This almost became the solution. However, it doesn’t allow you to rank the books. The idea is that you list your favorite books. It also doesn’t have an area for books you’d like to read in the future. However, there is potential there.
  • For WordPress Since I use WordPress I thought I’d see what plug-ins might be around in the vein. This allows you to list your current book and current CD in the sidebar, but it doesn’t look like it archives your reading path, nor does it look into the future.
  • What should I read next? This isn’t exactly a book rating system, however, it does do a nice job of looking into the future and recommending new books.

I’ll continue my search. If I ever find something perfect, I’m sure you’ll read about it here.

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