October 27, 2005


Comments on my blog are like a scratch behind Zoe’s ear, they make me feel all noticed and loved. However, I’m never sure if I should respond to comments in the comments section or not. On other blogs I have a hard time keeping up with comments. I tend to post a comment and never look back, because I assume that a future post will contain my answer.

In this new post, I’m going to respond to some of the more recent comments.

Exile – Thank you for all the kind words. Last night a Wisconsin friend asked us if we were missing W yet? My response: When haven’t we missed it? Yet, I don’t feel sad about leaving. I don’t regret our move. We are having so much fun on our big Atlanta adventure. I’m sad and happy at the same time and feeling oddly comfortable with it. It is all very Bossa nova.

“That feeling, a nostalgic longing known as saudade, is a hallmark of Brazilian music and psyches. In a land where emotions are no cause for panic, a bittersweet mood is something to linger in, not flee. Embracing life’s journey while acknowledging loss, saudade draws from a deeper well than a merely happy or sad song, and it infuses bossa and samba with their evocative, hopeful vibe.”

Heat – Tuesday, after three calls to the gas company, four calls to my landlord and two calls to the heater repair guy, we now have heat. Yay! It turns out that the $50 hook-up fee for the gas company did not mean they actually came out to check on things. After much demanding I convinced them to come to the actual house. They found out that the gas wasn’t actually turned on. My next mission is to try to get back my $50. Hrmph. At least we have a brand new furnace that pumps out plenty of hot air.

Games – I gather all my game knowledge from The Yeti and Boardgame Geek. As for 2 player games, I gave my sister Lost Cities. She says it was a big hit with her and her then boyfriend. For a going away gift, SB received San Juan as a two player game. We’ve found it does much better with 3.

Carcasonne, while it can be played with 2, is a much better game with 3 or more players. The must have, everybody loves it game is still Bohnanza. It has eclipsed the previous winner, Fluxx. Rosie, I’m envious of your at work game group. How fun! If you have game recommendations, please let me know.

Finally, Lnet, you are always welcome to come visit us. Come slack with us in February.

Whew! I feel more caught-up now.


  1. I haven’t played them, but Fluxx and Bohnanza are both quite popular with the board game crowd in the Math dept here (that’s how I found Carcassonne!)

    Comment by Jeff — October 28, 2005 @ 12:05 am

  2. The three games I’ve played with my group (alhambra, Acquire, and TransAmerica) were all good with 3+ players. TransAmerica has an option if you play with 3 or less people (bascially you remove some of the cities — it’s all about building cross country railroads). As I play more, I’ll get more game ideas.

    Comment by rosie — October 28, 2005 @ 4:44 pm

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