October 19, 2005


Fresh Baby

A new Atlanta friend of mine had her first baby, a girl, two weeks ago today. She’s so fresh, soft, warm, and fuzzy. Check out those legs! Her father is a leggy runner and it looks like she could be headed that way. It is hard to imagine that all that perfect baby was inside her rather petite mother.

I’m holding up the monkey rattle/chew toy, that I just couldn’t resist buying. The options and cuteness of kids stuff makes shopping very tricky. I think I could spend hours and many dollars buying little shoes, socks and cute, cute toys.

October 15, 2005

Avocados 1.0

You may have noticed things look a little different around here. I’m calling it Avocados 1.0, my first fully functioning version of this blog. It has been tried, tested, taken around the block and now it is ready. OK, I’m not sure what it is ready for…. it must be the hours of giddy coding I’ve just put in making me imagine a grandiose future for my little diary.

Some of the biggest changes include:

  • New logo! That’s right all shiny and fresh.
  • Archives complete with search function, browsing by date and by topic.
  • Improved spam protection. All my comments will now automatically close after 2 weeks.
  • Tweaked font and text throughout.
  • Cross-browser improved. IE Windows how you scorn me…. but no longer!

Please let me know what you think!

October 14, 2005


Atlanta Topography

Being inside Atlanta, whether driving, walking or these days biking, is to be in a land of pointy hills and deep ravines. I live relatively close to the tall buildings of downtown, however I rarely see them. Every pointy hilltop is covered with old growth trees and layered with kudzu vines. Even if, with much huffing and puffing, you make it to the top of a hill, you are not rewarded with a vista, just more trees, more houses and the downward angle of your winding road.

As my last post hinted at, this week I bought a new bicycle. Considerations of biking in Atlanta include:

  • the aforementioned hills
  • car drivers unaware and unaccustomed to driving with bicyclists
  • potholes and eroding roadways
  • inconsistent, non-existant, overgrown and/or eroding sidewalks

With these factors in mind, I chose a bicycle with fatter tires, a slightly lighter frame and easy shifting. I’m also a big fan of wearing my helmet, around here it would be suicide not to.

We live at the bottom of a ravine. Our building sits next to a small creek, winding it’s way across the city. This has become more obvious now that I’m biking. Any direction I want to go is first up a big hill. Whew! This of course was the whole point of buying a bicycle, to get more exercise.

Now, instead of driving my car to the library, I’m off to ride my bicycle up a hill, down a hill and then up a hill to the library (repeat in reverse on the way back).

I must also mention, as talk of fall weather and fall-ness is spreading across blogs right now, that here in Atlanta I’m still comfortable wearing shorts and t-shirts, though today I’m mixing things up with light pants and a t-shirt. It’s like no fall I’ve had before.

October 13, 2005

New Wheels


October 7, 2005

Good Things

Not to be all down and negative today, I’ve recently been enjoying the following:

  • Album 88 – Georgia State College Radio – 88.5 FM
    I have been totally impressed with this college radio station. The music is eclectic but always good. The DJs are obvious college students but are poised, knowledgeable and entertaining. I’ve been listening every day.
  • Netflix – Movies delivered to our home for cheap. Adding ratings to the recommendation list has become addictive. It is fun to browse the movies and recall ones I’ve seen or would like to see. Our first movie was Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. It was a beautiful movie but lacked in substance – 4 stars. Next up, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a favorite of mine but never seen by SB.
  • Midtown Art Cinema – Our local indie film venu. When I saw what they were playing I poo pooed it for not being alternative enough. Wednesday night we saw Mirror Mask there and I changed my tune. For an indie venu it is really nice and they do have good line-up. I’m sure we will be seeing more films there. As for Mirror Mask – It was a beautiful movie but lacked in substance – 4 stars.
  • Atlanta Water Garden – A unique store of personal water art and gardens. We needed a little water plant for SB’s beta fish bowl. For the low price of free, we picked up a tiny water lettuce, so cute and tender. I would totally come here to assemble my outdoor fountain and pond, should I ever have one.
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