February 25, 2006

Loose ends and errata

Are you joining that sailing club? We don’t know yet. This club would give us access to 27 keel boats year round and allow us to sail, even with our strange work schedule. However it costs $2K the first year, is located an hour away and has boats that are too cruiser and not enough performance for us. We are on the fence. I’m sure you will hear when more sailing happens.

What are you thinking of studying in grad school? I’d like to examine the psychology behind user choices and learning, so that I can design interfaces that feel more intuitive. I want to round out my knowledge in user centered design and user testing models. I want to push myself to be even better in my field. I also believe that the field of web design is becoming a “masters required” field and I want to stay in the game.

My third new phone, in just over a year, is arriving on Monday. This whole last year of struggling with broken phone after broken phone has made me wish I’d never decided to upgrade from my circa 2000 clam shell. Hopefully, I will be able to make and receive calls next week.

Yesterday I joined the “revolution” and bought a Nano. This will be my first iPod. I haven’t been very interested in the whole MP3 player thing since CDs seem just fine. Now I can’t wait! SB is getting one too. I see a lot of ripping in our future.

My parents just arrived in Atlanta. They will be here for 5 days. I’m excited to show my Dad around and to have my Mom visit when she’s not slaving away in our apartment, washing windows for us. I also know the city so much better than I did four months ago. There will be photos, guaranteed.

If you want to write

Don’t you think Claire Ann should start blogging again? I mean really, hasn’t it been long enough? I miss her writing, her commentary and her thoughts on everyday things. (Ofcourse, not seeing her everyday makes me miss her too.) Her recent comment, shows she’s just itching to get back to blogging.

If you think she should start writing again, put a comment on her blog.

I’m excited to announce, new to the blogging world, but old to the web world, Jeff aka Berselius has started a blog. When I think of Jeff I think brilliant guy, loves to wear sandals made of duct tape, even in winter, is a mad knitter and an equally impressive baker. He’s going to be over there writing about baseball and other stuff. Check him out.

February 24, 2006

Cable free tv

We don’t have cable at home. The landlord forgot to install a cable jack and the cable company doesn’t install them. Our cable free home may seem ironic given our work, but it actually provides some balance. Even without cable at home I’ve been completely addicted to two TV events the last couple weeks.

After being a huge fan of Project Runway season one (Go Jay!), SB found a way to download all of season two, or at least what has aired. Last Sunday we had a Project Runway binge, watching most of the season back to back. Now we are caught up and ready for the final three episodes.

While I was sad that Nick was out, my favorite heading into the finals is Chloe. I think she has the knowledge, skills and experience to make a great showing. However, I’ve been disappointed with all the contestants this season, they just don’t have the originality, the inspiration or the drive that we saw in season one. And let’s not even talk about Santino, fame has stripped him of anything interesting he had going in. He just wants to be a TV star.

My second obsession is Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) Olympic coverage, which I can catch at work. They have been showing a lot more real time coverage of the sports and there is something so endearing about the enthusiasm they have for their athletes. The commentators have none of that American veiled impartiality, they are there for Canada and they are going to talk about it.

Especially in the wee hours of the morning, I find the Bell Canada Beavers a little too trippy. Gordon and Frank, two talking beavers, hanging out in some human’s house, chatting about things like Internet service and on-demand TV. What?!? They are cute and oh so Canadian, but what are they doing there?

My TV watching is no excuse for not blogging in a whole week! *sigh* The tug and pull of blogging continues…


Mighty E Smiles

February 17, 2006

Work ride

The last three days at work have been the best yet. Tuesday I finally had a moment where I thought, “This is the whole reason I wanted to work with other web developers. This is the whole reason I’m here.” It felt great.

I’m getting assignments that have some challenge and that let me showcase my strengths. I feel like I’m being noticed as someone to go to with questions and problems. I’m being recognized for my accomplishments.

In two weeks I should have health insurance, paid vacation and the mark of a “real employee” instead of the temp I’ve been since November. I’m finding my place and my stride. It is a relief after so many weeks of wondering what the hell I was thinking for taking this position.

Tonight I even rode my motorcycle to work for the first time. While it snowed a foot back in Madison, it was 70 degrees down here. Vroom!

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