February 24, 2006

Cable free tv

We don’t have cable at home. The landlord forgot to install a cable jack and the cable company doesn’t install them. Our cable free home may seem ironic given our work, but it actually provides some balance. Even without cable at home I’ve been completely addicted to two TV events the last couple weeks.

After being a huge fan of Project Runway season one (Go Jay!), SB found a way to download all of season two, or at least what has aired. Last Sunday we had a Project Runway binge, watching most of the season back to back. Now we are caught up and ready for the final three episodes.

While I was sad that Nick was out, my favorite heading into the finals is Chloe. I think she has the knowledge, skills and experience to make a great showing. However, I’ve been disappointed with all the contestants this season, they just don’t have the originality, the inspiration or the drive that we saw in season one. And let’s not even talk about Santino, fame has stripped him of anything interesting he had going in. He just wants to be a TV star.

My second obsession is Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) Olympic coverage, which I can catch at work. They have been showing a lot more real time coverage of the sports and there is something so endearing about the enthusiasm they have for their athletes. The commentators have none of that American veiled impartiality, they are there for Canada and they are going to talk about it.

Especially in the wee hours of the morning, I find the Bell Canada Beavers a little too trippy. Gordon and Frank, two talking beavers, hanging out in some human’s house, chatting about things like Internet service and on-demand TV. What?!? They are cute and oh so Canadian, but what are they doing there?

My TV watching is no excuse for not blogging in a whole week! *sigh* The tug and pull of blogging continues…


  1. We’ve become big fans of the show this season too…it’s shocking that we didn’t start watching it until about a month ago considering what department Jennie is in. We’re big fans of Daniel V, while we’ve never been particularly big fans of nick (too whiny).

    (I finally started a blog – check it out!)

    Comment by Jeff — February 25, 2006 @ 1:48 pm

  2. Now that I’m sort of caught up with PR … I only did see a few episodes of Season 1 being Tivo-less at the time … but I really liked Nick too (but I also loved Daniel franco too). I was sad when i saw Nick wasn’t in the final 3 and Santino was. But maybe Santino is perfect for the industry as Niki Hilton said — because santino doesn’t just want to create clothes – he wants to be an icon sitting in the laps of movie stars — like the andy Warhole of haute couture. But I love daniel and chloe because they are so much more into their craft and not about backstabbing people. I feel like they would listen to me if I wanted something made. Santino would just make me where one of his rope-like creations and tell me it’s what “all the 30 yr old suburbanites are wearing. Trust me.” And I am waiting for an all out Michael Kors/santino/Nina Garcia fist fight. Nina would stomp on him with her 4 inch heel.

    Comment by rosie — March 9, 2006 @ 4:24 pm

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