February 25, 2006

Loose ends and errata

Are you joining that sailing club? We don’t know yet. This club would give us access to 27 keel boats year round and allow us to sail, even with our strange work schedule. However it costs $2K the first year, is located an hour away and has boats that are too cruiser and not enough performance for us. We are on the fence. I’m sure you will hear when more sailing happens.

What are you thinking of studying in grad school? I’d like to examine the psychology behind user choices and learning, so that I can design interfaces that feel more intuitive. I want to round out my knowledge in user centered design and user testing models. I want to push myself to be even better in my field. I also believe that the field of web design is becoming a “masters required” field and I want to stay in the game.

My third new phone, in just over a year, is arriving on Monday. This whole last year of struggling with broken phone after broken phone has made me wish I’d never decided to upgrade from my circa 2000 clam shell. Hopefully, I will be able to make and receive calls next week.

Yesterday I joined the “revolution” and bought a Nano. This will be my first iPod. I haven’t been very interested in the whole MP3 player thing since CDs seem just fine. Now I can’t wait! SB is getting one too. I see a lot of ripping in our future.

My parents just arrived in Atlanta. They will be here for 5 days. I’m excited to show my Dad around and to have my Mom visit when she’s not slaving away in our apartment, washing windows for us. I also know the city so much better than I did four months ago. There will be photos, guaranteed.

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  1. I finally jumped on the mp3 player bandwagon too (though I didn’t get an Ipod). It’s great for studying/working, especially in our small apartment. Jennie’s brother gave her 100 cds for christmas, someday when I get around to it I’ll rip them all to my player.

    Comment by Jeff — February 26, 2006 @ 1:20 am

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