April 27, 2006

All for coming to work

Last weekend my department had an employee outing day. I guess they happen regularly, but this was the first one since I started. It was a Saturday afternoon bowling event. I couldn’t go because I was sleeping and working my standard weekend overnights.

This afternoon an e-mail was sent out announcing the “winners” from the outing. I browsed through it, to see what these prizes were. I didn’t know an employee party meant prizes. There were gift certificates, TV sets and even a Tivo.

At the bottom of the e-mail they announced that all employees who couldn’t come because they were working would get $25 gift certificates for a fish place. One lucky employee who was working won a 13″ Sony TV. That person is me. Me!

For working last weekend I won a TV. This seems way better than the plastic desk clock I got last year from my old job. Who said private sector jobs were bad? Who said you can’t buy employee satisfaction through prizes?

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