April 30, 2006

Inspection shock

I had perfected my inspection fears, leading up to today. Top on my list, the crawl space is filled with oozing, gooey, mold slime, like the Ghostbusters ectoplasm and our inspector runs away in terror.

Today was the day of truth and no one was slimed.

Our inspector was awesome, enthusiastic, informative and techy. He came with a laptop, digital camera and color printer. He produced this beautiful report of the whole house and then walked us through all the problems and brainstormed ways to fix them.

We learned that “Water is our homes worst enemy”. Yes, we have some water issues, but nothing that we can’t fix with some simple remedies. The water problems have not caused any big problems, not yet. This is Atlanta, after all, a place with torrential rainfall.

To throw it all out there, the house has rot, mold, ants, spiders, a little bit of sagging and old, old pipes with an old water heater. It is 60+ years old, and for all that, in really good shape.

In addition to the inspector, our realtor brought in a contractor to make estimates of repairs for our negotiation phase. Hearing all this “bad” news caused a bit of panic. The realtor, inspector and contractor all assured us that it was “a great house” and that what they were finding was not anything out of the ordinary.

They were ready to talk solutions with us, not dire warnings. I’m taking that as a good sign.

This week we will negotiate with the seller about repairs and documentation. Then they will have a few weeks to make repairs before we close. I’m over my initial shock at hearing all the bad things. I still think this is a good house for us.

I did learn that the Atlanta sewers are filled with giant rats. Ew! Thankfully, our house does not have any kind of rodent problem. Phew!

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