May 26, 2006

Spinning Batons

We are hitting the road in 36 hours and heading north. Since Lnet left it has been one crazy work day after another. I’m on day 11 of work with no weekend. It is making me feel a little blue and a little overwhelmed. Good thing I’m taking 9 days off.

Lnet’s visit brought new perspectives and new adventures, like the Chatahoochie River National Recreation area, a gem of a park, right in the city. I’m planning to take my bicycle up there this fall. See my photos from the park and spring in Atlanta.

We also had the opportunity to show off our new house to Lnet. Our realtor took us over for a walk through to see how the repairs were coming. The contractor’s worker was there, busy cleaning the gutters. He talked through some of the stuff they had already done and what was left. They are fixing everything, even things we didn’t ask them to do. Some things might not be exactly what we would have done, but nothing is wrong. We were very excited to see it. It is truely move-in ready.

I’m feeling little by little like Atlanta is where I live now, which is good since we close on the house in less than two weeks. (Yikes! So much to do, I’ve hardly started packing.)

Hopefully I will be blogging on the road in the coming days. To tide you over…

Around Christmas time I was driving through Midtown when I saw a man, dressed as an elf, with sparkly cow-boy boots, spinning a baton. I laughed for joy. “There’s the funk I’ve been missing in this city.” I saw him again in February, again in Midtown, this time in a white wedding dress with sparkly white cowboy boots, spinning a baton. The workmen on the corner were elbowing eachother and laughing. He just kept right on spinning and dancing.

SB has never seen him and I was beginning to think he might be a figment of my burner imagination. Tonight I saw a news piece on him. Baton Bob you do exist!

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