May 5, 2006

A long ten days

Tomorrow at midnight we reach the end of our ten day negotiation/assessment period on the house. Last Saturday the home inspector gave his report. On Sunday we presented a list of repairs to the seller, then nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. Days of silence from the seller. We started to wonder if they really wanted to sell the house at all.

Yesterday, finally there was news. The seller had been on vacation and was now back on the scene. They had their “guy” go check out all our complaints and they got back to us with, “We’ll fix everything, including buying a new water heater.”

Woah! Everything?!? That’s unheard of and even more amazing, according to our realtor, is the water heater. She said she’s never heard of a seller offering to replace it like that. We are now double checking the exact terms of “everything” but it is sounding really great.

Once we get past Saturday, then we just wait for the closing, which will be the second week of June. Meanwhile the seller will be completing the repairs we’ve agreed upon.

In other good news, our current landlord is letting us out of our lease two months early. “I wouldn’t want to hold you guys back.” He seemed really pleased that we have decided to stay in Atlanta for a while.

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