June 26, 2006


Test this.

Water in, water out


SB spent the better part of 3 days digging this trench, 50ft. long and 14 inches deep. It was in the low 90s all week, with a nice high humidity count. I did a little digging myself and was drenched in sweat within ten minutes.

Friday morning the ditch was dug and the plumber (we went with the freelance guy) installed our beatiful and terribly expensive copper pipe. Presto! We have water. Finally the house feels like a real place to live, not some strange, primative, tent like setting.

Just when we had water coming in, we had to start battling the water back out. The thunderstorms arrived Saturday night and the flooding began. Water was pouring into our basement and the sump pump wasn’t working. We clomped around in the pouring rain, at midnight on Saturday, with flashlights, following the flow of water.

Sunday morning we bought more garden tubing to extend the gutters away from the house and SB got the sump pump working. As of today things are looking much drier, but we are still going to have to replace or reposition some of our gutters and do some landscape work to make the water flow the right direction.

As our home inspector said, “Water is your biggest enemy.”

June 20, 2006

Is this home ownership?

We are getting an early and hard look into the difficulties of being a homeowner. Two days before we were scheduled to move in, the previous owner called. “There’s a problem with your water line in the front yard.” (He’s currently working on a house two doors down from ours, so he’d been around, keeping an eye on things.)

We found our front yard had turned into the Old Faithful geiser, shooting water in the air, with no water actually making it up into the house.

SB and a friend dug down to the pipe and found a hole the size of a dime in the corroding steel. But we’d already rented the truck…so we decided to move regardless.

The past two days have been a blur of hard labor. Never again am I going to move all on my own like this. It was awful. I feel like the exhaustion will never go away. And we aren’t even done. The truck went back today but we still have many more boxes to go.

In the meantime, it was the weekend and nothing happened with the water. Which meant no mopping the floors, no flushing the toilet, no washing hands.

Last night, with still no plumber in sight, SB bought and installed a pipe patch kit. It looked lovely, but no sooner had the patch started working, than another gushing leak appeared.

Defeated, we went back to our apartment to take showers and use the toilet. We did sleep in our new house but it was more like rustic living than city dwelling.

Today the plumbers came and the bids were made. It comes down to whether we want to pay top dollar for a fancy plumbing company or bargain basement for a one man show, with the third company coming in just under the top dogs. The fancy place is three times the price. Do you get three times the quality?

Tomorrow SB is taking the day off to dig a trench in our front yard, fifty feet long and 18 inches deep. (Good thing there isn’t a lot of nice landscaping out there.) Hopefully by Thursday mid-day we will have water inside our house.

June 16, 2006

Impending move

I just got back from Baltimore last night. The trip contained all the ingredients for a perfect little get away and I relaxed into it. Photos and such will follow.

Now that we’ve returned it is time to seriously begin packing and moving. I have less ambition for moving than I’ve had in years, maybe ever. I just can’t seem to start packing. I don’t want to. I look around and I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed. I can’t imagine trucking all this stuff across town.

This will be my third move in a year. Why have I bothered unpacking at all?

We pick up the moving truck on Sunday and plan to move the big stuff on Sunday and Monday. Hopefully our first night in our house will be Sunday. There’s just so much to do in the next two days. Not to mention working both today and tomorrow.

I can’t wait for July, when all of this is behind me.

June 9, 2006

I own this


I own this house, or rather, I own half of this house. Half of everything inside and out is mine. That huge tree, yes half is mine. Those front steps, yes they are now my responsibility. I now own things like a bathtub and a front door.

We signed all the paperwork yesterday morning and then rushed off to work. After work we stopped by the house, our house and let ourselves in with our very own key.

It felt great, and overwhelming and scary and exciting. I wanted to move in right that second. I wanted my cat there and our bed. I wanted to sit on the couch in our new living room or make a snack in the kitchen.

Those things will have to wait. Sunday morning we fly to Baltimore for five days. Once we return, then the moving can begin, that is after the cleaning and polishing and fussing.

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