June 26, 2006

Water in, water out


SB spent the better part of 3 days digging this trench, 50ft. long and 14 inches deep. It was in the low 90s all week, with a nice high humidity count. I did a little digging myself and was drenched in sweat within ten minutes.

Friday morning the ditch was dug and the plumber (we went with the freelance guy) installed our beatiful and terribly expensive copper pipe. Presto! We have water. Finally the house feels like a real place to live, not some strange, primative, tent like setting.

Just when we had water coming in, we had to start battling the water back out. The thunderstorms arrived Saturday night and the flooding began. Water was pouring into our basement and the sump pump wasn’t working. We clomped around in the pouring rain, at midnight on Saturday, with flashlights, following the flow of water.

Sunday morning we bought more garden tubing to extend the gutters away from the house and SB got the sump pump working. As of today things are looking much drier, but we are still going to have to replace or reposition some of our gutters and do some landscape work to make the water flow the right direction.

As our home inspector said, “Water is your biggest enemy.”

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  1. SB looks well-versed in water drain digging now. And it looks like your house is high up so hopefully that’s positive. When our basement flooded a month ago, we covered the window well and now have to move the drain spouts — keep everything away from the house. Good luck!

    Comment by rosie — July 6, 2006 @ 1:19 pm

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