July 24, 2006

North Georgia mountains

Georgia Bounty

Yesterday we adventured north into the mountains in search of the famous Georgia face jug. Ninety mintues northeast of Atlanta the foothills of the Apalacians begin. The forested, winding roadways reminded us of northern Wisconsin. The little lodge stores and log cabins furthered the similarities.

While the face jug proved elusive to our questing, we did find a fantastic potters store, The Mark of the Potter. The store is the oldest craft store in Georgia, with a picture perfect location in an old mill along a river, with river wanter running under the building and trout swimming outside.

I wanted to buy everything inside, but walked away with a teapot, to replace the one broken last year, and a leaf tray, an item SB has been coveting for years. I wanted to get plates, bowls and these lovely clay drinking cups, perfect for cold drinks on hot days. SB has promised me that we will return to buy more.

In addition to pottery, the store also sold preserves, sauces and local Georgia honey. Supposedly this sourwood honey has more flovor and depth than your standard wildflower honey. I can’t wait to try it.

We also stopped at a roadside fruit/vegetable stand and bought the fuzziest peaches I’ve ever touched, summer plums and freshly roasted peanuts. The little store also sold peach and apple cider and fun folk-art painted gourds. My favorite gourds were painted like bright fish, with big lips and long tails. They reminded me of the whale Christmas cookies I like to decorate, with blue bodies and pink lips. Next time I will buy one of those gourds too.

As you can see, I’m already plotting my next trip up north, maybe this November, when the leaves have changed and “winter” is coming.

July 18, 2006

Garden goer


Katie came to visit this past weekend, all the way from Seattle, via Birmingham. She was officially our first house guest. She brought many great ideas for making our house even more beautiful, like taking our giant mirror and applying a photo finish. We can’t wait to try it out.

Being a fellow photographer, I wanted to take her to the botanical gardens to see the sculptures. I told myself that this time I wasn’t going to take any photos, but ofcourse I couldn’t resist. And so the Atlanta Gardens album grows larger.

Lilly Pads

Pete is blue

Pete the Cat

I’m a sucker for this cat, from the first day I was in Decatur and saw a painting with his little blue head behind the wheel of a classic car. Yes, I know the paintings are a gimick, but how could I resist? In the genre of contemporary cat art Pete is right up there.

Now I need a Pete t-shirt. Cute, cute, cute!

More photos of Pete on deCATur Square

July 6, 2006

A harbor city

Whew! After all this house work let’s go back and talk about our wonderful, relaxing trip to Baltimore. I completely enjoyed being a Librarian’s widow, hanging out at the hotel, poking around the tourists sights and checking out the art. Did I mention reading? I did that too. All while SB conferenced with the Special Librarians.


We stayed in the historic Lord Baltimore hotel, blocks from the Inner Harbor. While the Inner Harbor was more tourist trap and mall food, the ships available for touring were amazing. I’ve been on many tall ships, but never one where all decks were open for viewing, like on the USS Constellation.

While the food was nothing special at its best, the art collections kept me entertained. I especially enjoyed the Cone sister’s collection of art at the Baltimore Museum of Art. What amazing collectors they were, and how lucky to live at such a fun point in art. Let’s just say, I had some art envy.

I’ve attended conferences in the past and squeezed in some sight-seeing on the side. This new arrangement, where I get to ride-along and explore new cities as my full-time occupation was perfection. SB, I’m ready. I’m ready for more.


More! More Baltimore.

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