August 26, 2006

Ideal life

Day 2

Wine and cheesecake in Halibut Cove.

We traveled to Halibut Cove by water, one of only two ways to reach the isolated village, perched between bay and mountain, inside a state park. The other way is by air. No roads lead to or from the town. The houses are built on stilts and connected by boardwalks.

Every afternoon they bring 38 guests over via ferry for four hours of tooling around the hamlet. There is one restaurant and two art galleries, where the local residents display their work. This is an artist community perfected.

The sun, sea and fresh air, along with all the gawking, really wiped me out. By the time we got back I had been lulled into a gorgeous scenery induced coma. What more could you ask for on vacation?

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