September 29, 2006


In August of 2003 I had the perfect date with a wonderful man. We drove to Chicago for the Tall Shps show. We had cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory on Michigan Ave., followed by drinks at the top of the Hancock building and finally Indian buffet on Devon St. We had so much fun together.

A few weeks later we set out for Burning Man, still unsure of what was happening between us, but not wanting it to end.

bman 03

As our relationship became established, everyday I spent with him I would think to myself, “I’m as happy and as in love as I could possibly be.” Only to be topped the next day with more happiness and more love. Eventually I had to stop trying to quantify it.

Last week we went back to the John Hancock Center and the man I love asked me to marry him. I said yes.

the ring
September 15, 2006

Calling out

While some may be declaring the end of summer, I believe the last two days have been our first glimpse of true summer. It feels just like the first days of summer in Wisconsin, but instead of coming out from beneath wool sweaters and mittens, we are slipping into light pants and stepping out into comfort. If only everyday could be 75, with puffy little clouds and a gentle breeze.

I opened the windows this morning, to let the fresh summer breezes in. Zoe hopped in the window and took to her old past-time, chatting with the passing pedestrians. The problem is our front windows are 70 feet from the curb and up a hill.

Did she really think the young guy, talking loudly on his cell phone was going to take notice of a little black cat in the window? What if she meowed at the top of her lungs? Sadly, he just kept walking.

Like my cat, I’m busy trying to get to know the neighbors. The best way to network seems to be yardwork, and I have plenty. Summer, the time for gardening and friend making.

September 14, 2006

Linky poo

I updated the links in my sidebar. Here’s the run down.

Two friends of mine, recently started blogging, both writing under names that start with M (my favorite letter):

– Miriam is writing about writing over at Inside Space

– Mosh, new to this whole blogging business, will be writing about whatever he feels like at Good as Any

Two strangers to me have captured my fickle readers eye:

Fussy, an institution in bloggerdom

Out of Character, she makes me laugh out loud, at work

I’m also completely loving all the beautiful design work being showcased at Design Sponge. Oh the possibilities, the colors, the patterns, the textures!!!!

Eco anxiety

Alaska glacier water

In retrospect, starting off a trip to the northern wilderness, with a viewing of a pointed expose on our declining earth, didn’t set a tone of ease and vacation. From the moment I walked out of that tiny theater in Homer and climbed back into my gas guzzling SUV rental until my pollution spewing plane touched down in the smog filled city I call home, I was assaulted with notification of impending doom.

When I visited the beautiful Exit Glacier, on a sun filled, and by local standards “hot” day, the on duty ranger, standing at the bottom of the glacier, watching the ice melt, lamented about how everyday she sees more destruction of the ice field. And we all know what that means. It means the end of fresh water and the start of a distopian water world.

On the boat trip to Halibut Cove, a pollution spewing boat at that, we detoured to a bird sanctuary island. As our boat circled the island, we were told of the hardships faced by these birds because of oil spills, pollution and the changing nature of their environment, as their food sources diminshed. And we all know what that means. All the beautiful creatures on our planet are facing extinction and it is all our fault.

I came home exhausted and depressed. I likened my trip to admiring a beautiful wildflower, while crushing the ten surrounding plants with my giant, killing boots. I was filled with fear and despair. On our weekly trip to Whole Foods, purveyors of falsly advertised feel good organicness, I spotted this Plenty Magazine cover story “Eco Anxiety – Can we worry too much?”.

It even had an illustration of a cute, dying polar bear. (I’ve been watching the polar bear, global warming is here, special on CNN, over and over, until I can’t stand it a second more.) The cover touched the heart of my plight. How will the development of my very own anxiety complex over our doomed planet help save us? I was glad to see that my feelings were not unique.

Was I a bad person before my Alaska nature enlightenment? Was I unaware? No, in fact I was doing very well in leading a low impact life prior to having all these new woes laid before me. It seems that those people who already have an awareness of the problems facing our planet are the same people who are bombarded with more and more doom. Those that are blissfully consuming and polluting are also happily not hearing the cries.

Like all unhappiness and violence in life, you must choose your battles and make peace with the rest. I will continue to create my own little environment of conscious living. I will continue to read about ways to improve my home, my lifestyle and I will seek to support others doing the same. That is grassroots activism at the core and that is where I do have some power.

September 13, 2006

An upgrade to the system

With much off-putting and procrastination, I finally succeeded in upgrading wordpress.  What this means, dear reader, is an increase in the frequency of entries because of a newer, easier posting method. Now instead of saying, “I should really write about that,” maybe I actually will.

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