October 11, 2006

Directly to jail

I’m afraid of southern jail. Obviously I don’t want to go to jail at all, but there’s something particularly ominous about jail down here. I feel like I could accidentally be imprisoned and then completely forgotten in the system. Not that I’m doing anything jail worthy, but still.

Last night the thought of a Georgia prison cell kept me from trespassing when the temptation was huge. We had taken a long walk after work to a new housing development in the next neighborhood to the west.

These are fancy homes and townhouses. Many are only partly done, with doors wide open and inviting. How we wanted to go in and check out the floor plans in person, to wander through these homes that we will never be able to afford. But we resisted. No southern jail time for us.

Instead, next week I will be going to the courthouse to pass judgement on those much closer to jail life. I’ve been summoned for jury duty on Tuesday.

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