October 11, 2006

History in photos

I’ve been busy posting photos over at my flickr account but not commenting on them over here. Not only do they show what I’ve been seeing but they provide a nice run down of the last couple months, “Life after Alaska”.

EAV Strut

Summer 2006 – It hardly felt like summer this year between the heat and the lack of sailing. The photo above is from our neighborhood party, the “Strut”. They had a parade, much like Willie St. in Madison. It was another step towards feeling like home.


Wisconsin Sept. 06 – Yes, the above photo is in Chicago, on the fateful day of our engagement. However, most of this trip was spent in Wisconsin, thus the title of the album. We traveled north for SB’s older brother’s wedding. It was fall perfection in Wisconsin and a great trip home.


Humanities & Vilas – UW Madison campus is changing quickly. Boom, boom, boom the buildings are coming down. Before the bastions to brutalism fell, I wanted to capture the beauty and delapidation of these monstrosities.


Fall 2006 – An album in progress, it currently contains only photos of my gardens. Above is the view out my front door. I just bought and planted these lovely baskets. I’m calling this fall “Pansy Explosion” because I way over purchased on the pansies and ended up filling every planter and pot I could find. I love having pansies all winter, how extravagant.

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