November 30, 2006

The finish line

My feet are over the line! I may not be first, I may not be best, but I finished. Now I need a nap and to stop using these ill conceived sports analogies. In fact anytime I mention anything sports related take heed, I’m heading into unknown territory.

This is post 210 of Avocados. 15% of my total posts have been made in the past month. Between this blog and Jar of Pencils, I’ve been blogging for more than three years. I’ve never posted this consistantly. It has been a huge challenge and I’m sure glad it is done. Yay!

I did learn that I think of my blog as a notebook for myself and my friends and family. It doesn’t need to be more than that. I like blogging (not everyday) and I’m happy I have created a space for writing and a place for writing in my life.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for putting up with the daily feed. Now let’s all appreciate a moment or ten of silence.

November 29, 2006


It is just like running a marathon. We are now in the last mile, the finish line just ahead. I’ve excreted every known substance from every orifice and non-orifice in my body. I’ve cried tears of pain and tears of joy. I’ve poured gatoraide over my head. And now, now I’m so close to the end, but I’m oh, oh so tired. I don’t know that my weak fingers and empty brain can take one more step. Still I will not stoop to the ground and start crawling, otherwise known as posting random You Tube videos. No! I will endure flush faced, with spittle hanging, till the very end.

* Avocados with Salt does not condone, encourage or participate in marathons or any form of endurance sport. Nor does it advocate for endurance or enduring.**

** Avocados with Salt will only support enduring pointless activities that have a high potential for entertainment and have been proven to not have a direct benficial outcome.

November 28, 2006

Crepe paper

I thought I’d found my wedding dress for forty dollars. My sister tipped me off with an e-mail. From the photos and description online it sounded like perfection. It was even cut in a way that I know is flattering to my body. Plus, hello! $40!!!!! On super clearance.

Now, I’m not planning on a big fancy wedding, it is going to be almost casual, but still I’d like to wear a white dress and I’d like to look stunning. I was convinced this dress was going to meet all my needs.

I ordered it. The dress arrived today. It came in a teeny tiny box, which was my first clue and it just got smaller. The dress is white and it is cut how the photo showed, but the photo didn’t reveal that the dress is transparent. Even in low light I can see my hand through the fabric. Yes, it is cotton, but more like crepe paper than the “Beautifully textured cotton with a seersucker weave” that I had expected.

I can’t get married in transparent crepe paper with all my commodities shining through. There would be no surprises left for the groom, or any of the other guests.

I think I need to give up the dream of a $40 wedding dress.

November 27, 2006

35mm photos

Today, in addition to going to the dentist and getting my oil changed, I had two rolls of film processed. (I think I deserve a prize in virtuosity.) These two rolls spanned our trip to Asheville, our trip to the Georgia country and our trip to Roswell. Three of my favorites are below and a few more can be found in my main album.

Split lion

Yellow head

Bark face

November 26, 2006

Cranberries in a can

To continue the important questions of the day:

Does our local Target store sell canned cranberries or is that item too seasonal for Target’s limited grocery isle?
The answer: Yes, after much searching we found an end cap that had a tiny display of cranberry jelly and stuffing. I have so much left over nutloat and it could really use some cranberries. Yum!

What is New Orlean’s style brick work?
The house next door to ours is empty. It was recently remodeled and seems to be going through a very slow flipping. Last week two worker guys showed up and started excavating the sidewalk and front slope. They seem to love to talk way more than they love to work, so today they told us how they are putting in a New Orlean’s style brick wall.

Hmmm…I’m not finding a good photo or description of this brick style on-line. It seems to be “Spanish Style”, but again no good photos are appearing…I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. The workers are here everyday, but they spend most of their time standing around or driving up and down our driveway. Maybe next month I’ll have an answer.

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