November 12, 2006

Paper: a new feature

Announcing my very own “Books I’m reading” sidebar. I know that everyone else has one, but being me I couldn’t just drop in whatever, I had to make it difficult. I’m proud that, after upgrading my whole blogging system, now I too can catalog my books.* Check it out under “Paper” in the side bar. I’ve even put some books into my library.

They represent the backlog of books I’ve read since my last book review. I’m planning to write reviews of them during the rest of this month. There are some gems on the list that I want to share.

*Ofcourse, this little project has brought into question what the whole point of this blog thing is. Who cares what I’m reading? Who cares about any of this? The answer I keep coming back to is that I care. I like writing, I like organizing my photos and I like the idea of having a place to record my thoughts on books. This whole November writing month thing has brought out a certain anxiety that feels a hell of a lot like competitiveness. My on-line notebook doesn’t need to be popular, it doesn’t need to make money, it just needs to make me feel good, just like eating avocados with salt.

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  1. exactly. yum!

    and I see you’ve gotten your hands on my Murakami. I hope you like it! I’m looking forward to hearing about what you think of it… and to seeing what your endeavors in crochet produce! :)

    Comment by arielle — November 13, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

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