November 28, 2006

Crepe paper

I thought I’d found my wedding dress for forty dollars. My sister tipped me off with an e-mail. From the photos and description online it sounded like perfection. It was even cut in a way that I know is flattering to my body. Plus, hello! $40!!!!! On super clearance.

Now, I’m not planning on a big fancy wedding, it is going to be almost casual, but still I’d like to wear a white dress and I’d like to look stunning. I was convinced this dress was going to meet all my needs.

I ordered it. The dress arrived today. It came in a teeny tiny box, which was my first clue and it just got smaller. The dress is white and it is cut how the photo showed, but the photo didn’t reveal that the dress is transparent. Even in low light I can see my hand through the fabric. Yes, it is cotton, but more like crepe paper than the “Beautifully textured cotton with a seersucker weave” that I had expected.

I can’t get married in transparent crepe paper with all my commodities shining through. There would be no surprises left for the groom, or any of the other guests.

I think I need to give up the dream of a $40 wedding dress.

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  1. sorry Marijka!!! maybe online shopping isn’t the way to go for this one….

    Comment by Arielle — December 2, 2006 @ 4:36 pm

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