November 29, 2006


It is just like running a marathon. We are now in the last mile, the finish line just ahead. I’ve excreted every known substance from every orifice and non-orifice in my body. I’ve cried tears of pain and tears of joy. I’ve poured gatoraide over my head. And now, now I’m so close to the end, but I’m oh, oh so tired. I don’t know that my weak fingers and empty brain can take one more step. Still I will not stoop to the ground and start crawling, otherwise known as posting random You Tube videos. No! I will endure flush faced, with spittle hanging, till the very end.

* Avocados with Salt does not condone, encourage or participate in marathons or any form of endurance sport. Nor does it advocate for endurance or enduring.**

** Avocados with Salt will only support enduring pointless activities that have a high potential for entertainment and have been proven to not have a direct benficial outcome.

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  1. Another NaBloPoMo’er here, posting a daily comment on someone else’s blog (worked my way up from Z). I was intrigued by your blog title so I came to check it out. Sounds like you hit the brick wall at the end of the month. My block came somewhere in the middle. Memes were a good way to work through it. Good luck on your wedding — don’t cheap out on the dress. If you don’t want to spend $$$$, then see if there’s a good wedding dress rental place near you. You might find a stunning gown for a small fee.

    Comment by Alto2 — November 30, 2006 @ 11:39 pm

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