November 30, 2006

The finish line

My feet are over the line! I may not be first, I may not be best, but I finished. Now I need a nap and to stop using these ill conceived sports analogies. In fact anytime I mention anything sports related take heed, I’m heading into unknown territory.

This is post 210 of Avocados. 15% of my total posts have been made in the past month. Between this blog and Jar of Pencils, I’ve been blogging for more than three years. I’ve never posted this consistantly. It has been a huge challenge and I’m sure glad it is done. Yay!

I did learn that I think of my blog as a notebook for myself and my friends and family. It doesn’t need to be more than that. I like blogging (not everyday) and I’m happy I have created a space for writing and a place for writing in my life.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for putting up with the daily feed. Now let’s all appreciate a moment or ten of silence.

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