November 25, 2006


This is exactly the reason I do not post every day (usually), because nothing, NOTHING, happened today. Here are a couple pressing questions I faced today:

Is there a difference between flapjacks and pancakes?
SB thinks flapjacks are flat and pancakes are puffier, more cake like.
The vast Internet says they are the same.

Is there a good crochet pattern for a men’s sweater?
Wow, the world of on-line crochet sites is a place of sweet, sweet colors and strange kitten animated gifs. It is scary out there! I did find one site that had patterns for men. I told SB that if I made him this sweater he’d need to start wearing the corresponding bow tie. SB says he likes this monstrosity better. I say there’s no way I’m making that for him. Ick! I guess I’ll keep looking.

November 24, 2006

Counting the chain

crochet samples

I’m making progress on this whole crocheting craft. Above is a small sample of the different fabrics I’ve whipped up in the past week or so. The piece I’m most proud of is the circle. Figuring out the circle taught me that if I read through ALL the instructions crocheting is really easy. If I only read throught the first oh, two sentences or so, then it will continue to be a mystery.

I must have re-done that circle ten times. It always came out as a ruffle. Then I made myself sit down and read the two pages on it. After that I made a perfect circle. Amazing.

November 23, 2006

The smell of poultry no I mean home

This year I made my Mom’s classic nutloaf and cashew gravy for the first time. Last year I didn’t include either item on the menu because SB is literally deathly allergic to walnuts and nutloaf is all about the walnuts. This year we celebrated T Day at a nearby friends and neighbor’s house, where there was turkey aplenty.

A little background for people who might not know, I was born and raised vegetarian and my mother would make this dish instead of turkey every year. Since I still do not eat turkey, I figured it was a fair trade for SB and I. He ate turkey and I, nutloaf.

As I learned today, my Mom’s recipe calls for poultry seasoning, which I purchased just for this day and I now see I could have made from existing herbs in the cupboard. It is the main seasoning in the nutloaf. Smelling and tasting the loaf was like being home, but strange to realize it is also the smell of poultry (minus that meatiness). All the great poultry spice with none of the poultry, just the way I like it.

I ate sooo much food today, and that was before the three kinds of homemade dessert, plus all the champaign and wine. It was heavenly. But promptly at 5:30pm, SB and I left the party and headed in to work. After five hours of work I’m still full. How is that even possible?

And so ends my Thanksgiving day, I will retire to bed and try to sleep my way back to hunger.

November 22, 2006

It has come to this


This morning at 6am I started to seriously consider a new overfeeding plan for the cat. Maybe if she were to get really fat it would slow her down, make her sleep a little more. She’s going on nine years old and spends hours at a time running around like a kitten. Something about having all the guests here this month made her decide that we should all be up by 6:30am. Guess what? It is still dark out at that unreasonable hour!

Once she succeeds in waking us she can barely settle down to eat. It is all chase me or pull that string. Run, Run, Run. As soon as we leave for work at 10am she goes back to sleep so that she can be fresh and ready to greet us eight hours later.


November 21, 2006

Seven times three

Three weeks in, three weeks in, that’s what I’ve been thinking about today. This is day 21, seven times three. I’m tired. This exercise in writing is both grueling and incredibly fulfilling. But now I’m tired.

We’ve had Wisconsin visitors almost every week for a month. I loved seeing them all, having every one of them here. I’m sad that they are gone. Why can’t they live just down the street from us? But now I’m tired. My brain just wants to think about crochet and chocolate, it doesn’t want to exert itself to come up with some semi-witty or entertaining or documentary writing piece.

I’m going to go crawl into my velour snowflake pants and head for the couch. I’ll leave you with this fall moment captured yesterday.

Fall leaves
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