December 30, 2006

Front doors

My friend in Alaska recently described in detail what was just outside her front door, piles and piles of snow, drifting, blowing snow. I told her I had pots and pots of pansies. This led to a promise to exchange front door photos. I’m extending this to all of you too. What does your front door look like today? Add your link in the comments.

Here’s mine in Georgia, where it is 65 degrees:

my door

Here’s where we were last week, northern Wisconsin, the day after an ice/snowstorm:

Wisconsin door
December 8, 2006

Going Home

I’ve lived away from my hometown of Madison , Wisconsin, for a little over a year now. I’m still trying to figure out how to do this whole going home thing. As soon as an upcoming trip is brought up I develop a split personality.

One half says, “Ugh, I want to stay here and do the normal thing. This is such a chore.” and “I really think nine days is too long. What are going to do up there for so long?”

Meanwhile the other half is thinking, “There are so many people to see, how am I going to get to see everyone? They are all so wonderful and missed.” and “I’m so excited to be going Home. Why can’t we stay longer?”

It really is exhausting. I miss Madison. I miss my friends, my family, my old life up there. Yet, I’m doing well at setting up a new life down here, making some friends, finding a new rhythm. It is the tug between the two worlds that is so hard. Maybe it gets easier with practice.

December 7, 2006

First scarf

I finished my first crochet project, a cute scarf. This crocheting hobby is so satisfying. It was easy and the results are great. I’ve been discovering the world of small knitting stores, in a search for supplies. It is like a whole underground world. The latest store is by far my favorite. They have a fun, larger than life sculpture of a knitting bird, very evermore, though I don’t know if it is one of his. Photos of my scarf and the knitting bird are below.

first scarf
knitting bird

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