January 21, 2007

Crochet project three

hat and scarf set

I finished my third crochet project right after Christmas, a matching hat and scarf set for SB. However, it has been in the 70s here and thus there were no good modeling opportunities to be had. Until tonight! Yay for winter temps hovering around 40. I’m really proud of how the hat fits, my first ever hat, and I like how the two grays give a modern, sleek look. I think they are particularly striking with his new glasses.

My second crochet project is not on record yet. Arielle, could you send me a photo?

Old sheets

To follow-up on the sheets saga, I know you’ve all been worrying about it, just like me, I have long admired and browsed through the Dwell bedding (thanks for the link Claire Ann), but then I get to the price. I just can’t imagine spending $200+ on a duvet. Blah. Why, oh, why must they cost so much?!?

This weekend we went to Crate and Barrel and examined the Marimekko options. The bold stripe I, and Arielle, liked so much on-line had this strange mustard color running through it that was a deal breaker for SB. While the leaf pattern screamed white, something we want to stay away from.

Instead of buying sheets we decided to buy a fancy, grown-up TV/stereo stand. It should be coming in on Tuesday and I will post before/after photos. Putting our money towards the finishing touches to our public space first, has a certain appeal, especially since we know we are going to be having a sizable party here in the near future.

January 15, 2007

New sheets

When I was home for Christmas my sister convinced me that I could no longer stand sleeping on my many year old Ikea sheets. In fact it bordered on disgusting to even consider using them anymore. Plus she was busy showing off her new, silky smooth bed sheets and I so want some.

I can’t just get new sheets, of course. Buying sheets means updating the whole color scheme of the bedroom. This is also being brought about by the need for light blocking curtains because our old curtains are too short for our new, giant windows.

Currently our bedroom is all shades of blue, including the artwork. We’d like to keep the same artwork, but add in some new fabric colors, so keeping some blue seems like a good idea.

The choices and prices seem endless, but all seem to circle around marimekko.

Here are the top two contenders for bedding, both from crate and barrel:

bed one bed two

Here are the two top contenders for curtain fabric, both from Kiitos Marimekko in NYC:

curtain one curtain two

Any of these combinations would be paired with a nice, rich brown, solid sheet set, or so i’m thinking now. The problem is, none of the patterns really seem to go together. *sigh* I’m taking suggestions for other bedding/curtain/fabric ideas. I feel like I need to get this done NOW so that I can begin sleeping on lovely, new sheets.

January 5, 2007

External resolve

2006 became a year about the inside. I focused on the inner intricacies of my relationship with SB, the placement of my worldly possessions inside my house and my personal struggle over my career and approach to work. 2007 is the year to turn around and face the world.

Celebrate – I believe marriage means a public acknowledgment of a private commitment and a celebration of the beginning of a new family. I’m brimming with happiness to celebrate our love with friends and family in the coming year. I can’t wait to start the party.

Friends – I miss having close friends close by. This year I plan to continue growing new, local friends. I think this might mean joining some sort of club, hobby or sport.

Garden – The inside of our house is lovely, the outside needs…well…it needs a chainsaw, a machete and a fair amount of back breaking labor. I have the tools, I have to books, spring comes in February. I’m ready to attack.

Exercise – I miss the mind and body I had when I used to exercise more. This year I plan to get back on the treadmill and unroll the yoga mat.

January 3, 2007

Reflections on 06

For many years I made a year end collage with photos and ticket stubs and little pieces of memories. This year I’m doing a blog collage, it is much more grid like, and organized but it has given me a few moments to reflect on the past year. What a year it was. I really polished off some major life milestones last year. Here’s my top 6 of 06:

engaged Engagement
I’m still glowing.
Link to blog entry
house Home Ownership
Everyday I enjoy our house a little bit more.
Link to photos
parents Visitors
Arielle, My Parents, Lnet, Katie, Brittany, Nate, My Parents, Pat and Shannon
Alaska Alaska Trip
So beautiful it hurt.
Link to photos and Link to photos
30 Turning 30
I’m better than ever and shhhh grayer than ever too.
Link to photos
photo Digital Camera
2006 was my first year with a digital camera. I kept it with me at all times.
Link to photos
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