January 21, 2007

Old sheets

To follow-up on the sheets saga, I know you’ve all been worrying about it, just like me, I have long admired and browsed through the Dwell bedding (thanks for the link Claire Ann), but then I get to the price. I just can’t imagine spending $200+ on a duvet. Blah. Why, oh, why must they cost so much?!?

This weekend we went to Crate and Barrel and examined the Marimekko options. The bold stripe I, and Arielle, liked so much on-line had this strange mustard color running through it that was a deal breaker for SB. While the leaf pattern screamed white, something we want to stay away from.

Instead of buying sheets we decided to buy a fancy, grown-up TV/stereo stand. It should be coming in on Tuesday and I will post before/after photos. Putting our money towards the finishing touches to our public space first, has a certain appeal, especially since we know we are going to be having a sizable party here in the near future.

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