March 27, 2007



What with all the drinking and talking and even some work, I tumbled into bed every night, exhausted beyond blogging. Plus, on the first day of my trip, my camera battery died and to my horror I realized my charger was still in Georgia. Pah! Good thing there weren’t many photo moments.

I stayed in the downtown area, blocks from the Temple. The city is laid out in perfect grid with extra wide, sequentially numbered streets, a shocking contrast to the winding, barely named paths of Atlanta.

Walking around downtown felt like exploring an abandoned gold boom town. Boarded up, classical store fronts lined blocks that only trickled with traffic. This is what happens when white flight hits a city filled with only white people, silent desolation follows as all the life takes place in new planned communities.

Speaking of white, the moment I got off the plane I felt exotic. At the baggage claim young blond moms swarmed with young blond children, hardly a brunette to be seen, not to mention any darker pigmentation.

Back to the drinking. All bars in town are private clubs, requiring a membership fee. Four dollars bought us membership to a local establishment and provided the option of inviting up to seven friends to piggyback on our newly found status. Good thing the drinks were cheap and included fun beers like Polygamy Porter.

And with that I came home to house guests and a weekend in the mountains.

March 12, 2007

To the Mormons

What have I been doing? Obviously not blogging or taking new photos. It is time to stir things up! Time for a trip.

Things I recently checked off my to-do list:
– building a double size bed frame for the guest room
– sorting and throwing out more stuff to make room in said guest room
– choosing and purchasing wedding bands
– printing and assembling round two of wedding invites
– finishing a new client’s web site
– working, working, working on a new special project at work (whew)
– thinking but not doing anything as my yard rushes to jungle status

Tomorrow I leave for Salt Lake City for the rest of the week for work. Expect photos and stories from Utah. I’m looking forward to mountains and a change in routine.

March 1, 2007

Small touches

Fish vase
A sprig of Nora Orchids for my new fish vase.

Reptar cat
Reptar in disguise.

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