April 23, 2007


At the nudging of a friend of mine, I dove into the world of del.icio.us. Over the past few weeks I’ve been adding my links, organizing my categories and trying out the creature. I didn’t think I would like it because I hadn’t been feeling lacking in link access or organization. I’d become one of those web users who never bookmark anything, relying only on google, and saved e-mail notes to myself.

So far I’m really liking it, in fact, I’ve changed over my sidebar to include my latest 10 links and my topic clouds. Now instead of having techy and zeal links that hardly ever change I can share my latest finds in my own sidebar. Oh how far bookmarks have come, since the days of Netscape one and publishing html lists onto the web.

April 19, 2007

A perfect day

perfect day

I never thought much about my wedding when it was merely academic, before I met SB, before we decided to get married. I always thought this mythical man who would sweep me up would also have some sort of wedding vision or dream.

One of the first times that SB and I ever talked one on one, siting in the union after sailing, he told me how he would be spending his weekend baking and delivering cakes for a friend’s wedding. We started talking about weddings and he said he thought it would be wonderful to get married on a deserted island beach.

Believe me, it wasn’t a direct line to “I do” from there, but there is a certain beautiful circularity between the beginning of our romance and our wedding on an island beach this weekend.

In planning for our “elopement”, it was impossible to imagine how the day would go, how we would feel, what would be said. I had high expectations, but remained aware of the bridal trap of needing the day to be beyond perfect. I tried to keep my expectations simple.

I needn’t have worried as the day turned out to be wonderful, beyond anything I could have dreamed. It was a perfectly happy day and another day in my happy life with SB. The ceremony was only the beginning of what we are calling our wedding year. Two parties and a honeymoon will complete the celebrations, from small and private to the world. I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family, our parents and our many friends.

I put together two photo sets from the weekend:
The Ceremony
More Wedding Photos

April 16, 2007

Just married

April 9, 2007

Wedding cake

Cathedral cake

Four days until our wedding. Yay! Today we received our first wedding gift from our registry. A lovely cathedral bundt pan, which I put to use tonight making a “96 proof chocolate cake”, which will be served on our wedding day, and thus I present to you our wedding cake. It turned out beautifully and smells fantastic. I can’t wait to try it.

The anticipation of getting married catches me off-guard constantly. One moment everything is normal, getting married this weekend feels so natural, just like a trip to the beach, the next moment the gravity of the act takes over. This is huge! Me! Getting Married! I always hoped I would meet my love, my partner, but I never felt confident that it would happen. Yet, here it is and it feels so obvious, so comfortable, it is easy to downplay how wonderful it is.

We have our party supplies bought, our outfits ready, the rings carefully boxed and now the cake made. We leave for the beach on Thursday.

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