May 13, 2007

Madison or Atlanta

Can you tell which of the following photos were taken in Georgia and which in Wisconsin?

Dandelion Darlins

Grass bike

Fish bike


Blogging tips

Cars on state

Today, flying back from Madison, the man across the aisle from me slowly read a book on blogging tips, the tagline being something like, “Learn all the secrets that bloggers will never tell you.” I almost leaned over to ask him if he’d ever asked someone who blogs for those secrets. Did he even know anyone who blogged? Would he recognize one of this secretive bloggers if he met her?

The page I read with him gave pointers on frequency and focus, having a purpose for your blog and how to make MONEY. After all that’s the whole reason for doing anything. *sigh*

It has been a rough week, with an emergency trip to Madison, a week long headache and a severe lack of sleep. Thinking, experiencing, the circle of life, of love and of family this weekend. Listening to a tiny man in his 90s compare and contrast this funeral with others he’s attended, in much the same way that I do with weddings. Only you don’t get to compare your own funeral, nor have very much say in how it goes down.

Madison was a bloom, an idyllic paradise of happy, healthy people. The pangs of homesickness were strong but my community is still there. I had many happy meetings as I wandered the familiar streets.

It was a weekend full of far flung family, grief and laughter. I’ll be back in Madison in two weeks to attend a wedding and feel lucky to be at the wedding stage of life.

  • Eating salted avocados with a spoon in Madison.
  • Blogging since 2003.