June 3, 2007

Lunch with turtles

Nice answers Lnet and Rosie, you were both right, the answer to the photo ID was ATL, MSN, ATL, MSN.

Today was free Atlanta Zoo day for employees at my company. SB is out of town for work for this whole next week (oh lonely me). I took myself to the zoo. I’m out of practice on solo touring. It felt good, independent even but also lonely and awkward. I went to see the baby panda, but even with a time stamp ticket, the line was HUGE and not moving. Why waste time standing in line to be herded past one cute thing, when the zoo was packed with other cuties? Highlights included a whole gang of baby gorillas, leaping lemurs and a baby orangutang. I was even lucky enough to catch the amphibian house at feeding time.

Turtle table for three

Lizard texture

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