July 29, 2007

A vacation in four parts

Alex and Christina
A Wedding (near Wausau, WI)

Concrete horses
A Concrete Park (Philips, WI)

A Cabin on the Lake (Cable, WI)

A New Building in a Familiar City (Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis)

July 20, 2007

Hugs and kisses

hugs and kisses

My first baby blanket crochet project is complete and flying out with me to Wisconsin this afternoon. This blanket is completely machine wash and dry friendly, plus being both soft and textured. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Well I’m off on a computer free and at times even cell phone free week. Yay!

July 8, 2007

A long silence

I’ve been swallowed whole by work and it hasn’t been pretty. Who signed me up for this? Now that my project is winding down after working for 12 days straight, with only one day weekends for weeks prior to that, and I’ve slept for the past 20 hours, I’m finally ready to face my sad, neglected blog.

There are many good reasons why I choose not to write about my job, however, in recent weeks I’ve been thinking that maybe I can find some happy medium. Back in May, Zeldman wrote about the lack of women in the web industry. One of the points raised in the discussion of this topic is the idea that women are less likely to toot their own horns, to make enough noise to be noticed amongst all the bravado of our male dominated field. I realized I’m one of those women who doesn’t talk about her own field. I’m still debating how to do this without giving specifics about my job but I’m planning to write more about my profession in the coming weeks.

Besides giving away too much information about my specific job, I’m equally worried that opening the floodgates to discussing work will also mean an incredibly boring read. Who wants to read more about css or web analytics? Yawwwnnnn! Where are the kittens?

Speaking of kittens…I’m not getting one. I almost agreed to take in a stray kitten last night and two weeks ago I struggled past a box of free kittens at the local farmers market. Mmmmm farmer’s market. We have one in our little neighborhood and it has been full of wonderfully, locally produced veggies. I’ve been in tomato heaven. Here’s a sample meal from recent days:

summer bounty

We found this jewish bakery where they make great bagels, chewy and dense. On top of that I have homemade hummus, heirloom tomato, onion and freshly picked arugla. Next to that are tender, baby ears of corn, so sweet. Life has been great since I started shopping at the Thursday night market. Yum.

crochet number 7

When I would stumble home from work, all I’ve wanted to do is sit on the couch, watching TV and crocheting. I made this beautiful wrap for my mother-in-law. I love how it turned out, with the fun fringe and bright pinks. I also finished a great purple sweater and am deep into a baby blanket.

chicago cloud gate

We took a quick, one night, trip to Chicago a couple weeks ago for my sister’s graduation. Chicago came through all charm, with clear blue skies, great artwork and even a cameo of some of our favorite locals. Good thing we made the trip because the next week my sister moved to San Francisco. I can’t wait to visit her there….but up next is a trip to Minneapolis and northern Wisconsin.

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