September 20, 2007

Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven

I wanted to take that classic, 1970s, ripple afgan, update it for today’s colors and make it small, new born baby size. Here are my first two of the three I’m planning to make. Everything about these blankets adds up to seven, plus they are for babies born in the year 07. I’m calling them the “Lucky Seven Ripple Blanket” in “Sport Stripe” and “Two Tone”. One is going to a baby here in Atlanta and one is going to Thailand. The third one, which I’m about to begin, is for my soon to be nephew in Wisconsin. I love that they are soft and totally machine washable.

Is it time for me to start an Etsy store?

September 9, 2007

Crochet binge

It really started while I was on vacation, both the head cold plague at work and the discussions at work about a new role for me. When I returned I received a warning on both fronts but it wasn’t until late this week that they really hit. Thursday my nose turned into a faucet and ended with me in bed, a kleenex clutched by my face. Friday the sinus headache kicked in about the same time that my new responsibilities were coming clear. There’s nothing like a lingering stuffy head to aide in making great new impressions and well thought out remarks.

After a weekend spent drinking freshly imported Wisconsin beer, shopping for missing wedding presents and a good ten hours on the couch, crocheting my fingers raw, my head persists in its over filled capacity and my coherency is still in question.

In November I’ll have been at my new job for two years and I’ll have been a crocheting addict for one year. I’ve learned a ton from each new project and have refined my skills in math and pattern recognition in both career and hobby. I feel progress and it feels good.

Neither crochet nor work were exactly what I was looking for two years ago, but two years ago this week I had just moved across the country for love, not for my career or new hobbies, though I was confident those would come.

And so they have, along with new friendships and two years of great adventure. One of the things I enjoy about crochet is that it gives my mind a structured task but still lives plenty of the time for reflection and philosophy. In another couple days I’ll have two new baby blankets (babies wait for no one), a head clear of the snot monster and more energy to launch into my progressing career. Until then thoughts of sc, sc, sc2tog will march through my mind.

September 4, 2007


This morning, after opening the living room curtains I passed a mirror only to see an ant crawling on my neck. With a little yelp I flailed my fingers at it, flicking it somewhere. A few minutes later I felt something climbing up my leg, under my skirt. Blah! I danced around the room, feeling it move from the back to the front of my leg, where it gave a little nip as I tried to crush it. This was not an ideal start to my day.

Now, with the day over, as I sit at my desk, I am convinced that there are bugs crawling across my toes and I can see them out of the corner of my eye, busy in their little bug lives. Or big bug doings, take your pick, because bugs down here come in all sizes.

Owning a home in the south means battling home invasion every moment. I never realized all the things that are sizing up your home, from the furry like squirrels, rats, mice and even cats, to the armored cockroaches, ants and even bees, to fellow man kind including the religious, environmentalist, beggars and even thieves. All that is just the fauna, I’m not even going to get into the flora.

Being a frugal, organic leaning person, I was appalled to learn of all the use of chemicals and pesticides on, in and around peoples homes. It seems like everyone has some sort of service to keep the beasties at bay. Moments like this morning, make me want to reconsider my stance and instead take immediate action.

However, the first year of homeownership has taught me that nothing can be tackled in one fell swoop, it is all about stages, and plans and slow progress. So I’ll hang in there, trying not to scream out loud when the native critters get too close and keep reinforcing the barriers.

September 3, 2007

In review

I did have a chance to read a couple books and bake a couple cakes in August.

You can see my book reviews for Voyager, Harry Potter 7, and Maida Heatter’s Great Desserts in my Library section.

While I have some great recommendations on my pending list, I’m not sure what to read next. I want something incredible, something inspiring. Any suggestions?

What happened to August?

flower hunters

The month of August was a party marathon, the final course of our wedding iron man. Every stage came off more beautifully than I could have ever imagined but it wasn’t without a huge investment of thought, worry, discussion and a small amount of execution. The whole marriage plan was by far the largest PORP (project of ridiculous proportions) that I have ever pulled off.

Last weekend we had our wedding reception on the shores of beautiful Lake Mendota, overlooking the boat that brought us together, surrounded by our family and friends. The perpetual rain that Wisconsin had this summer, broke for our party. We were greeted by perfect puffy clouds and comfortable temperatures. Photos of the day can be found in our group pool. If anyone has photos they’d like to share, please send them.

Fighting total exhaustion, we headed home to Atlanta filled with warm wishes and heavy hearts to once more be driving away from the people and places we love.

This fall I’m looking forward to being at home, working on home projects and planning our big trip to the Far East. And also crocheting my little fingers off for all the new babies.

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