September 4, 2007


This morning, after opening the living room curtains I passed a mirror only to see an ant crawling on my neck. With a little yelp I flailed my fingers at it, flicking it somewhere. A few minutes later I felt something climbing up my leg, under my skirt. Blah! I danced around the room, feeling it move from the back to the front of my leg, where it gave a little nip as I tried to crush it. This was not an ideal start to my day.

Now, with the day over, as I sit at my desk, I am convinced that there are bugs crawling across my toes and I can see them out of the corner of my eye, busy in their little bug lives. Or big bug doings, take your pick, because bugs down here come in all sizes.

Owning a home in the south means battling home invasion every moment. I never realized all the things that are sizing up your home, from the furry like squirrels, rats, mice and even cats, to the armored cockroaches, ants and even bees, to fellow man kind including the religious, environmentalist, beggars and even thieves. All that is just the fauna, I’m not even going to get into the flora.

Being a frugal, organic leaning person, I was appalled to learn of all the use of chemicals and pesticides on, in and around peoples homes. It seems like everyone has some sort of service to keep the beasties at bay. Moments like this morning, make me want to reconsider my stance and instead take immediate action.

However, the first year of homeownership has taught me that nothing can be tackled in one fell swoop, it is all about stages, and plans and slow progress. So I’ll hang in there, trying not to scream out loud when the native critters get too close and keep reinforcing the barriers.

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