October 25, 2007

Dining room makeover



Our dining room anchors the middle of our house. You can see it from every other room. When we moved in we quickly realized that what we needed was some sort of bar cabinet. After researching the options, from full-out bar furniture, to sideboards, hutches, consoles and even elaborate shelving, we were stumped. The things we loved were too expensive or too large or both. The things in our price range and size were fiberboard and ugly.

A year later, while peeking in a local store window, we spotted the prefect piece, a mid-century, Scandinavian sideboard. It was on sale and the store owner brought the price down even more when we expressed interest. With the right piece of furniture and some new art work, the room has been transformed into a vibrant and warm center of our home.

October 14, 2007

Fluffy cat

Fluffy Cat

I’m being courted, charmed, flirted with by a vagabond, wanderer, all while my main squeeze watches on the sidelines, waiting to defend my honor.

This spring and summer our yard ran over with wild cats. Most were leggy, sleek, short furred with a hunters grace, expect for the one clumpy furred, extra skinny youngster with a giant head. As summer wore on, the other cats disappeared, leaving only the “fluffy cat” to set-up shop in the abandoned house next door. Whenever I stepped outside it would call out to me, “Hello!” So the flirting began.

One rainy September day (the only one?), the fluffy cat was camped on the empty porch next door, wet and especially forlorn. I couldn’t resist anymore. Armed with a bowl of dry cat food, I approached the porch. With skitterish encouragement, the fluffy cat circled me, diving into the bowl as it hit the floor.

Now fluffy cat runs to greet me, rubbing my legs and prancing. Meanwhile, Zoe, my star cat for the past nine years, listens on the other side of the front door, running from window to window, brandishing her fist, huffing and puffing.

Last week she’d had enough. As we took out the garbage, she made a run for it, out the back door, her target in plain sight. Fluffy cat was going down. Zoe chased the interloper out of yard, through the yard next door and halfway up a tree before SB caught her and dragged her back into the house. Zoe had that cat running scared and she knew it.

For the next couple days it was pure gloating and self congratulating inside the house. Zoe had shown that cat who is in charge around here. Fluffy cat wasn’t seen for the next week, until today….

October 9, 2007

Quote of the day

“[His] Wisconsin-style vigilante justice won’t fly here,” Too bad it really was vigilante justice at the expense of a mountain lion in Boulder, CO.

October 4, 2007

Kapok pillow

I’m in pillow heaven. After a year of restless, uncomfortable sleep, I finally discovered the pillow solution and it is Kapok. Two weeks ago, in sheer desperation, I went to a local organic bedding store. They had exactly two options, Buckwheat (I still can’t believe that is comfortable) and this Kapok stuff.

As I learned, Kapok is a tropical tree with downy filled seed pods. This seed pod fiber has been used in life jackets (it floats) and bedding. The pillow feels like a cross between down and cotton, with the fibers inside having a slightly slippery feel and a nice amount of resistance.

After a few nights of molding it to my head, it now fits perfectly. It is so much nicer than smelly down, or unyielding memory foam or even synthetics. Yesterday, after an unusually early start, I found myself contemplating my pillow and how wonderful it would be to have my head nestled in it, rather than holding it up through a day of meetings.

If you are fed up with the standard BB&B pillow options, you should look into natural fiber pillows. Here ends my pillow endorsement.

One more seven

Lucky Seven - Two Tone

Whew! This blanket, another Lucky Seven Two Tone, was the final in the mad baby rush series. Baby blanket number four was mailed off earlier this week to Charlie, my new nephew. Now I have a bit of a baby lull until January, so what to make next? I’m thinking of taking a little time off the hook and reading those great books suggested recently. Crochet and reading do not mix together and I miss the immersion of a good book. Of course I’m equally tempted to make this awesome dress or try my hand at a crocheted animal. (Love that last link, crochet museum complete with music video.)

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