October 4, 2007

Kapok pillow

I’m in pillow heaven. After a year of restless, uncomfortable sleep, I finally discovered the pillow solution and it is Kapok. Two weeks ago, in sheer desperation, I went to a local organic bedding store. They had exactly two options, Buckwheat (I still can’t believe that is comfortable) and this Kapok stuff.

As I learned, Kapok is a tropical tree with downy filled seed pods. This seed pod fiber has been used in life jackets (it floats) and bedding. The pillow feels like a cross between down and cotton, with the fibers inside having a slightly slippery feel and a nice amount of resistance.

After a few nights of molding it to my head, it now fits perfectly. It is so much nicer than smelly down, or unyielding memory foam or even synthetics. Yesterday, after an unusually early start, I found myself contemplating my pillow and how wonderful it would be to have my head nestled in it, rather than holding it up through a day of meetings.

If you are fed up with the standard BB&B pillow options, you should look into natural fiber pillows. Here ends my pillow endorsement.

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