October 14, 2007

Fluffy cat

Fluffy Cat

I’m being courted, charmed, flirted with by a vagabond, wanderer, all while my main squeeze watches on the sidelines, waiting to defend my honor.

This spring and summer our yard ran over with wild cats. Most were leggy, sleek, short furred with a hunters grace, expect for the one clumpy furred, extra skinny youngster with a giant head. As summer wore on, the other cats disappeared, leaving only the “fluffy cat” to set-up shop in the abandoned house next door. Whenever I stepped outside it would call out to me, “Hello!” So the flirting began.

One rainy September day (the only one?), the fluffy cat was camped on the empty porch next door, wet and especially forlorn. I couldn’t resist anymore. Armed with a bowl of dry cat food, I approached the porch. With skitterish encouragement, the fluffy cat circled me, diving into the bowl as it hit the floor.

Now fluffy cat runs to greet me, rubbing my legs and prancing. Meanwhile, Zoe, my star cat for the past nine years, listens on the other side of the front door, running from window to window, brandishing her fist, huffing and puffing.

Last week she’d had enough. As we took out the garbage, she made a run for it, out the back door, her target in plain sight. Fluffy cat was going down. Zoe chased the interloper out of yard, through the yard next door and halfway up a tree before SB caught her and dragged her back into the house. Zoe had that cat running scared and she knew it.

For the next couple days it was pure gloating and self congratulating inside the house. Zoe had shown that cat who is in charge around here. Fluffy cat wasn’t seen for the next week, until today….

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  1. Wow, I’m glad you were able to catch Zoe. Who knew she had it in her?!

    Comment by rosie — October 17, 2007 @ 10:29 pm

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