January 1, 2008

2007 in review


I will always remember 2007. In years to come it will be referenced, counted back to, remembered with fondness and laughter because 2007 was the year of my marriage. From the April ceremony, to the party in Atlanta and culminating in a perfect Madison reception, we crafted a celebration of our love that represented us and demonstrated our love for those who love us. It was so much more amazing and beautiful than I could have imagined.

Around, during and between all of our wedding events, life happened in 2007.

There was a sad ending, when my grandmother passed away in the spring, letting go of her life after a slow decline. The funeral gave opportunity for her six children to congregate from around the country. There was much story telling, tears and laughter. I learned things about my grandmother and was reminded of the bonds of family, even over distance and time.

There were many happy beginnings. We witnessed two lovely marriages this year, my brother-in-law Alex’s and our good friend Brian’s. Fresh life came onto the scene with Toby, Charlie, Andrew and Selah. There were new kittens to admire and real estate purchases to be celebrated.

For my self betterment, I took a furniture design class through SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), taught at George Berry’s workshop. George is a well known furniture craftsman who taught our class of three the lore of furniture making, mixed with the history of Atlanta and plenty of social commentary and off colored jokes. It was as much a class about furniture as it was a lesson in being a Southerner.

While I may never be a Southerner, I’m well on my way to embracing city living. I hired a yard service and a pet sitting service both of which did much to ease my mind and fight the jungle. Maybe a house cleaner will be next (hehehe).

No year is complete without a slew of travel. This year I traveled to Salt Lake City, Florida, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco and five trips to Wisconsin.

2007 has left me spinning. It was a year of action, of travel and of big changes. Understanding and fully realizing the person I am and am becoming will take time, which is why for 2008, my goal is more reflection and more writing.

Happy New Year!

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