February 5, 2008

Re-entry woes


On my first day back, even the normal things seemed strange. Picking out clothing from my closet was especially weird. I couldn’t remember what clothes I owned and didn’t believe they actually fit me. Then to go into my shoe closet and find co-ordinating shoes that slid right onto my feet, it was amazing.

All day I felt a detached drunkenness. I experienced life through this haze of tiredness and disbelief. Sitting in front of a computer for an eight hour stretch is a really long time, though I was impressed that I seemed to have all this knowledge on topics I had not thought of in almost a month.

Travel can give you the time, space and different experiences to show you that you could lead a truly happy life doing and existing in all sorts of alternate universes. But then you come back to your life and what do you do with all this otherness you’ve seen. I’ve been feeling lost and sad. Partly I’m mourning the end of my vacation, the post vacation blues, and partly I’m still battling the travel exhaustion that comes with covering half the globe in 24 hours.

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