February 16, 2008

Best of Thailand

The Travelers

I’m finally ready to talk, to write, to share our experiences in Thailand.

SB, Sharon and I decided we must go to Thailand to visit our friends who had recently moved from Atlanta to Bangkok. We took three weeks, breaking up our time roughly as one week in Bangkok, one week in the North West and one week on the beaches of Southern Thailand.

If I had to pick one favorite moment from our trip, I couldn’t. Bangkok lived up to and beyond the modern Asian city of novels and movies. It was smelly, dirty, loud and full of life. I loved looking at the people streaming by and listening to the sounds of city life. The north was move-in ready, with cooler air, beautiful mountains and the best food. Finally, the limestone stacks, crazy long-tail boat drivers and intense blue waters made us want to spend the rest of our days island hopping in the south.

I’ve posted my top 23 photos, in my Best of Thailand photo collection. Maybe this is all you need to know of our trip.

However, there is so much more! Over the next many days I will post more photos and more stories of our adventures.

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