March 27, 2008

Flip this house

flip this house

I love those house flipping shows and those home remodel shows. When the TV crews showed up at the foreclosure next door in early February, we couldn’t wait to find out what was going on. A&E’s Flip This House had descended with a flurry of activity.

Two months into the flip I am so ready for them to be done. The everyday workers and the camera crew are very nice but the investors and “stars” of the show make terrible neighbors. I’m tired of coming home to the aggravations of whatever over-the-line thing they have been doing all day while I’m at work.

I’m not sure what a house that was flipped for a TV show really means to the value and integrity of the house. Would you buy a house that was flipped for TV?

March 26, 2008

Easter Brunch

Happy Spring! This year I finally got back to my tradition of hosting an easter brunch. For the first time ever SB co-hosted and his amazing kitchen talents inspired my menu. Between the two of us we had the best food spread in the history of my brunches.

I was so involved in hostessing and eating that I didn’t take a single photo. Luckily, Karyn not only took a picture but uploaded it AND added captions. The brunch table.

The spread included the following:

March 15, 2008


red truck

Yes, a tornado hit downtown Atlanta last night. Yes, we live and work in the path of the tornado. Thankfully we are safe and our house is in-tact.

Last night after 9pm we were home, trying to catch-up on some Netflix movies. I kept being distracted by huge lightening flashes outside our window, but not a lot of thunder. SB brought up the radar on his iPhone and it looked like the storm was on the north side of the city. A few minutes after that our power started surging, but this is nothing new for us. Big thunderstorms roll through Atlanta all the time and our power grid is nothing if not flaky.

When the power went out for good SB went to find the flashlights, radio and candles while I went to the kitchen window to check on the weather. I pulled open the blind, to see all our huge trees in the backyard bending over. The sky was a strange green color and then I heard it, the sound of freight train headed right at us.

I ran to the center of the house, calling to Ryan to come quick. We found the cat and a big blanket and hid out in our bathroom, desperately trying to find a weather station on our radio as we listened to the roar of wind and the pummeling of stuff hitting our house.

Once it fell silent we emerged. Thankfully everything in our house was still there. No broken windows. The rain stopped shortly and we headed out into the street, meeting-up with our neighbors who were equally shaken. We quickly learned that the main roadway, a half block from our house was full of debris and that it was indeed a tornado that had passed within five houses of our house.

We called work to find out that many windows had been blown out, the roof partly removed and a feeling like a bomb had exploded. Our co-workers were OK and jumping to action.

After checking the car and motorcycles, we went back inside to hear on the radio that there was a second tornado headed right at us. We made some desperate phone calls to find someone who had power and could look at the weather radar for us. Then we gathered our supplies and the cat and headed back to the bathroom. The hail and strong winds came again, but not the thunderous sound of a tornado.

When we emerged everything was still ok with our house. As we listened to our battery powered radio, in our dark house, we watched patrol cars with big spotlights circle our block. Today we heard many reports of looting so we were very happy to see that our area was being looked after.

In the morning we ventured out of our house and up the street to see the damage. Luckily it is mostly fallen trees that crushed parts of houses and cars. No reports of serious injury or fatality in our neighborhood. See more photos from my hood.

Electricity still has not been restored to our house, no surprise since our main lines were all felled in the storm. They say we may have power tomorrow night. Right now we are hanging out at a coffee shop, enjoying electricity and wi-fi while we can.

March 9, 2008

Wisp scarf


I started my third knitting project, a lace scarf of cashmere, back before Christmas. This piece looked so simple, but after ripping it out five times it was all I could do to start over again and slog my way through. I learned a lot and the end product makes me smile but I don’t plan to undertake something with this fussy of a yarn for a while.

March 8, 2008

Modern Utah

city library

Forget loaner fish at your hotel, what is truly modern in Salt Lake is the public library! I’ve never visited such a great, inviting, beautiful public library. I had huge library envy! Beyond the light filled architecture they have the city NPR station INSIDE the building, plus a cafe, a gift shop and even a comic book store. The building has a beautiful sweeping ramp walkway up to a rooftop garden with panoramic views of snow covered peaks.

You can see more of my photos and check out the library’s own website.

Thank you to my librarian husband for guiding me to the front door.

city library
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