March 7, 2008

Dead fish

the end

This morning I found little fish no longer zooming around the bowl but floating on the surface. Poor little fish, at least you will live on in infamy on this blog.

With the end of little fish came the end of my time in Salt Lake City. Back into the arms of my full-time pet, Zoe. Good-bye fish hotel!

Little fish


Tonight, yet another new fish. Seeing this fish made me miss purple fish but also made me feel like my first fish hadn’t had some catastrophic ending but had merely been swapped out.

Third fish, little fish is crazy fish. First thing when it saw me it swam full force into the side of its bowl. It also likes to swim on its side. I don’t know about little fish. Little fish might have some issues.

March 6, 2008

Imposter fish


Today, after a long day of conferencing, of inspiration and conflict, I returned to my room to commiserate with my pet fish only to find an imposter in her place. Where did my fish go? What happened to her? We had bonded over a morning of NPR but now she is no more. There was no note, no explanation.

Now I’m wary to start a new relationship. What if purple fish disappears tomorrow?

Oh purple fish, you are not orange and smooth. Purple fish who are you?

March 5, 2008

Salt Lake Goldfish


Spending the rest of this week in Salt Lake City. My hotel provides a complimentary pet fish!

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