April 21, 2008

Lola day one


Sunday started out sleep deprived and grumpy. I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, after all the excitement of getting our new dog and knowing she was out in the other room. We have decided to crate train her so she was spending the night in her crate in our office area, being very quiet, which just left me in bed wondering how she was doing.

I got up at 3am and SB at 7 to take her outside where she would promptly sit down and look expectantly up at us while not producing any deposits for our thirsty yard.

When we got up for the day Zoe came out to the office, rounding the corner in obvious hopes that the dog would be gone, only to find Lola sitting in her crate. Zoe hissed and ran off. This set the tone for the day. Zoe would make drive by hisses at the dog and then run back to “her” room and the dog would sit quietly wondering what was going on.

The cat proceeded to eat the dog’s food and drink the dog’s water while Lola spent the day not eating or drinking much of anything. We invited our friends who also have a new puppy over to help Lola feel more comfortable. They got along great, with much puppy tumbling, water drinking and snack eating. After the puppy visit Lola took a long nap in her new bed and was starting to feel more comfortable and adventurous.

Then it was time to load her in the car, which she loved, and take her back to the rescue organization. First thing this morning she was off to the vet to be spayed and micro-chipped. Tonight we will get her back, much to the disappointment of Zoe, who has been happily prancing the puppy free house.

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  1. I feel for Zoe and I don’t want to know the look she’ll give you guys when Lola comes back from the vet. But a cat eating the dog food — that’s a first. This should make for some good blogging.

    Comment by Rosemarie — April 25, 2008 @ 9:53 am

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