April 23, 2008

If a tree falls…

fallen tree

If a tree falls in the middle of the night will you be able to find it?

In the early morning hours SB and I were rattled awake by a huge crashing boom. It was like a sonic blast, shaking all our windows and our bed. I leapt from bed and started looking out all the windows. Was it another tornado? Had we been bombed? Did something in our house explode? The sky was clear, with a beautiful sunrise poking above the trees. My nose detected no smoke.

I lay back down but had trouble falling asleep. Not knowing what it was and being half asleep my mind wandered to all sorts of catastrophes and I started to think I heard helicopters in the distance.

After a fitful last couple hours of sleep I awoke to the sound of chainsaws. In the full morning light it became obvious that the neighbor down the street’s tree had fallen over. Luckily it fell into the street, missing every mailbox and trash can, landing safely if loudly.

Our local firemen, with full ladder truck, lights blazing, were out in our street, cutting up the tree and clearing the way. It looked like they were having fun and we wondered if they get bored in their fire house in our quiet neighborhood. A great way to start the morning.

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