May 22, 2008

My two girls


It’s been one month since we brought home the puppy. There have been hours and days when I can’t believe I ever thought this was going to be a good idea and I wondered if getting a puppy had ruined the careful, happy balance of our lives. But those moments of doubt are getting fewer, to be replaced by gushing love for this happy little creature sharing our home.

What about the cat? The princess, as she’s known to many, does not like the dog. She does not appreciate Lola being inside her home. She does not approve of my decision to let this creature in or of my relationship with said interloper. On every opportunity she raises her little fist and shakes it at the dog, always from a safe distance, preferably from the other side of a baby gate.

Still the cat will not strike the dog and put the dog in her place. The dog continues to try to win the cat over, bringing Zoe her favorite toys to set before her feet and making all the different cooing noises she knows, while the cat growls and hisses.

For all the cat’s complaining, she will now only drink water from the dog’s bowl and her face betrays her entertainment at monitoring the dog.

I hope someday that both my girls can sit peaceably in the living room with me. For now, I spend my time rotating pets. When the dog is outside the cat is by my side, when the dog is inside she is always near me while the cat retreats to her room. I am left in perpetual guilt because the dog is outside or the cat is sulking.

Still, I tell myself, the cat will recover, its only been one month and the dog, she’s amazing, smart, sweet and gentle. She’s still a puppy but she’s trying so hard and learning so fast.

May 19, 2008


Amazing stop-action animation on a scale I have not seen before. I had to share this one.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo

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