August 15, 2008

Not a secret

What I haven’t been writing about is not a secret but just so large and so in every moment that I’ve been too exhausted to begin writing.

Let me just state it: We are moving back to Wisconsin, back to Madison. We are selling our house and moving back across the country. We leave in nine days.

There is so much to do, and no vacation time on the horizon, that I have not been able to spare the energy to think through all my emotions. I’m overjoyed to think that next month I will be living in Madison. I’m incredibly saddened to be leaving our very first house forever. I don’t want to leave all my new friends and new family here in Atlanta but I am so excited to see all my Madison friends and be so much closer to family.

We had always known our time in Atlanta would be short. Three to five years has been the plan. We will be almost exactly at three years when we pull out of town. Since arrival we’ve been talking about where we want to live next, from exotic foreign lands to our favorite coastal cities. We talked and talked but the same thing kept coming up. We would always want to travel back to Wisconsin, to see our families and friends. Also, the lure of free, plentiful and wonderful sailing has been a constant siren call in both our hearts.

Rather than having to spend time and money to travel home once-in-a-while, why not live and sail at home and travel to the wonderful foreign lands and coastal cities?

My talented and charming husband secured himself a great new job in Madison and ta-da we know where we are going next.

As for me, I’ll be working from home doing the same job I have now. I’m looking forward to trying out the life of the work-from-home consultant with my very cute new-coworkers Lola and Zoe.

Our move here to Atlanta was for career development, our move back to Madison is for the lifestyle.

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