September 15, 2008

On shaky ground

I’m ready for steady, predictable and quiet.

A brief update: We finished all our packing with much wonderful help from our amazing friends in Atlanta. We said good-bye to our house, perhaps to never see it again. Final photos of our house.

We loaded-up “Trucker” Dog and “Road-Trip” Cat and hit the highway. It was hard getting out of our house. There was always one more thing to clean and one more final detail to attend to. Once we escaped the house the drive was uneventful, with a night in Clarksville, TN and a Friday arrival in Madison. Photos on the move.

Two parallels of interest.

When we moved to Atlanta in the fall of 05, we drove through Hurricane Katrina in the mountains of Tennessee. For the move back we packed the truck and delayed our departure as the remains of Hurricane Gustav poured down on us. Note, hurricanes and cross-country moves do not mix.

Our first week in our Atlanta house was spent in July, digging a ditch through the front yard to lay a new water main. Our last weeks in our house were spent in the front yard, digging holes for new plants. Grappling with the steep front slope in the blistering summer heat of Atlanta book ended our first home owner experience.

On to Madison.

Oh the woes of my new Madison life…

Eighty hours of sitting and working in a blown-out OfficeMax office chair have made me start to consider spending $700 on a fancy chair just to escape the discomfort. However, expensive office furniture may not be possible, as I’ve learned that it is time to start looking for a new job and that unemployment, while brief, may be in my near future. Things are not as steady as I had hoped in my transition to remote employee.

Last night my car broke. It has a fancy chip recognition system to engage the ignition. Where the ignition has to recognize your key or it won’t budge. Well, last night my car decided to stop recognizing either of my keys. Hello tow service, hello dealership only fix. Right now it is stranded in the west side Target parking lot awaiting a tow.

This morning my dog broke. Madison dog parks have blown us away. There’s a huge prairie style one about a mile from our house and about five miles away is another giant park with rolling hills, apple trees and waist high grass. We actually got lost exploring inside the dog park. Lola has been having a great time until she did something to her left front foot and is now limping around and wimpering. Luckily we just met a vet who lives a block away and has a nearby veterinary. Hello vet bills…

And finally! Finally there’s the cement trucks and jack hammering going on across the street from my home office. It has now been a steady five hours of jack hammering today. Hello jack hammer, hello headache.

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